repulsive part 4

21 Jan
Short Story
part 4

‘anyway’ Geet looked here and there…she avoided looking at her mischievous eyes…

‘safety ki lye… I know debar-ji defiantly don’t want a child on your first night- now don’t tell me you did it last night… Because I can clearly see. You haven’t!’ Naintara teased and laughed in very annoying manner for Geet.

She was cursing her from within. Condom! Condom! Couldn’t she find any other gift?

‘extra long hi…’ Naintara came forward, with little more irritating manner.

Geet was about to mumble all condom are the same size! What she talking about!

‘ask me about men. You are from England na, you must have better experience than me. Uff… Ask me about my husband. We waste 3-4 condoms a day!

Geet just couldn’t reply, let alone think any answer for this embarrassing conversation. She was just hoping Maan wont walk in. Now… & does she want to know her personal life…

‘and his brother, older one. What can you expect. Ask me. He can not sleep a day without me. Uff…’

Maan walked in and Naintara instantly stopped and walked out with little mockery smile.

Maan gave Naintara an annoying look and than looked at Geet who was holding more than 100 different condom! He in embarrassment looked everywhere, but his eyes fell on them again. Geet instantly walked way in hurry, hiding them in her draw.

She pulled few hair back behind her ear, to waste some time in agitation. ‘oh… Umm… I… Oh…’
‘Are you ready?’
Geet fancied screaming no… But her answer was simply a ‘yes…‘ she held her stomach in anticipation for him to come close. To slide his hand around her waist… And than… Than what? She seen on those telly… How they dug in females hip on there pelvis… Oh god! Geets heartbeats were rising in incredible speed. His lips… His tongue will be inside her any moment now… Than… Than…

‘are you coming?’
huh?’ Geet spines around in confusion. What did he mean? ‘car is ready. I have to take you to your parents house!’
Geets eyes widens, was she hearing. Correct.
‘it’s only for an hour, but apparently it’s a ritual!’

Geet abnormally nodes. Wondering, what exactly he meant? She flowed him out without second question, the butterfly was still in her stomach, and the silly thought that he was planning to lay her on the bed at this time. What would people think… Specially in India. Disgusting Geet. She smiled at her self.

Within hour, they were back home. Naintara were no where to be seen, she felt easy. Last thing she wanted to another 100s of condoms.

Geet went for shower, later, Maan walked in. He barely spoke, and if he did Geet looked for an way to cancel the conversation. After dinner, of naitaras sex talk, Geet walked in to her room. She had to admit, she was afraid. There must be some true in her words. That how active Maan’s brother is, & he must be the same. He probably wants her now. Right way… She sat down at the side of her bed after changing, taking her earring off.

you still perusing your study?’ Geet turned around at Maan’s sudden voice. She wondered what he was thinking? Medicine was so competitive and why would she give up after 3 years of hard work? Was he mad?
yes,’ Geet turns around, trying not to be rude, by facing her back to him.
that’s good. When you are due to start again?’ with the busy day Geet have completely forgot to mention that she is leaving this Friday.
‘I am leaving this Friday!’ Geet looked down, wondering how will he react. ‘I- I feel odd that- I have to leave- on 4th day in our marriage!’
Maan smiled… ‘don’t! I always travel to London… I am sure I will see you than!’

Great! Geet thought to her self. She thought she could avoided this sex fiasco for 3 months, but seems like no! She surly won’t. Geet smiles, than laid down. ‘it was such long day… And I am so tired!’

She could observe Maan’s eye on her thin body. He probably thinking what type of wife is this who was running way to bring there relationship close. She felt the light turning off and he entering under the same duvet… The bed was big, but his heat slowly started to penetrate through the duvet to her… And before she could say uff- he spooned her from the back. His hand gently slides over her hip than upwards to the soft stomach. His hard manhood was already pushing against her bum chick. Geet held the pillow in frustration… She closed her eyes to pretend to sleep… To hope he would move soon.. But than his one leg went between hers, pushing his thigh to her sensitive parts.. His hand slowly played with her stomach, under her dress, than his hand moved to her breast. He wasn’t cupping, but instead, just rested there. Geet could feel Maan’s warm breath on her neck… Was he blowing? She questioned to her self… Oh god… They are about to-
But than… After that position was still were same for few minutes… And she realized… He was doing all this in his sleep… How can someone get so hard on there sleep?

It was Very uncomfortable position, but Geet couldn’t move anywhere… It was either his warm body or the cold floor. She decided to stay like that… Spooned with Maan’s body.

He eventually softened a bit, but still knowing how your husband hardness is against your bum chick. After few second he moved to sleep on his stomach… Geet in fear also slept on her stomach. Wondering, what if he wants it in middle of the night! 2 more days, she thought and 2 nights she have to prevent him from coming close to her… But what If he does the same thing when he is wake 2moro night!

Geet slept peacefully, and woke early, yet last night her hot husband sessional body was still with her back. She wouldn’t refuge she hated it, it’s just she didn’t want to do this now. Specially when she is leaving in two days.

He was very close to her when she left the bed, and he moves so much in his sleep, uff… She took her silk gown from the side, popping it on, and than taking her cloths for shower…


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7 responses to “repulsive part 4

  1. Ayesha

    January 21, 2013 at 7:29 pm

    Amaxing update….so i guess the update is from geet POV that she feels his touch. repulsuive….

  2. Dsonia

    January 21, 2013 at 7:49 pm

    Awesome update….
    Loved it

  3. trs1391

    January 21, 2013 at 11:38 pm

    love it

  4. Kathrina Pheonix (dumas)

    January 22, 2013 at 2:22 am

    nt just need to stay out of their lives awesome update awkward geet holding the condoms when maan walked it loved the update

  5. crazydream

    January 22, 2013 at 5:07 pm

    Naintara teasing as well as annoying her. Uff Geet getting pissed off wid her condom n sex talks. Nt going on n on wid it.
    Maan seeing d box. Both Maaneet getting embarrassed.
    Maan asking wether she is ready. Geet cant think beyond that topic n is fearing. But to her relief they r goin out.

    Periods came. Geet again saved. Now she has a valid reason. But Maan making it difficult for her at night. Can’t believe even in sleep he is doing.

  6. crazydream

    January 22, 2013 at 5:09 pm

    Maan getting passionate. Their first kiss. Geet wanting to protest.
    She can tell him her views. Y is she nt speaking. She shud say dat first they shud understand one another n then proceed wid this relationship. N also her fear of curse. I think Maan wud understand.

    Maan advancing at nite. Geet managed to say no. Liked the way she put up as Maan didnt misunderstand.
    Loved their moments. N liked d passionate Maan.

  7. 123fiza1

    February 9, 2013 at 9:13 pm

    oh god i just stopped a breath…..n suddenly it stopped…..
    very nice…….
    poor geet
    thank you


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