repulsive part 5

21 Jan
Short Story
part 5

Her wet hair woke Maan up, and morning beauty of his wife was truly walking his desire up. He came by and stood right behind Geet. Staring at there reflection

He hugged her from the back, slowly spinning her around and before she knew, he was In her mouth… Gently stroking up and down with his tongue. There hips rocked over there cloths… Geet wondered, was that’s it… He was in high mood of taking this further. She kept quit as he explored her mouths in delight, with passion… ‘Maan…’ Geet mumbled as they gasped for hair. She held his collar, in order to push however, that did not happen, she stood there frozen. His hand, glided down her back, as he observed Geets red face, closed eyes… He stroked his nose along her cheek, to start another session when a knock separated them.

Geet spines around, taking he duppata from the side, covering her self and Maan walked in to the bathroom… It was no other than Naintara. Who caught them making out…
Geet looked at her than down in embarrassment, wondering what to say now.

ah… I disturbed at the wrong time!’ Naintara teased.

Geet was red & did she just had her first ever kiss. She did not expect that at all, however on the other hand, Geet was extremely glad to see devil Naintara.

Through out the day, luck was playing in Geet’s case, as she started her monthly period. Geet was glad, because she knew after that kiss he would have went all the way. The pain started soon after, she took some paracetamol to ease the pain. Maan walks in wondering what happen. He came from behind, nearly making Geet jump & drop the glass…

After that kiss geet realized that his physical proximity have improved and eased with her after the kiss. He started to come close and touch her more often. Geet felt odd. She have never been this close to any men, unless they are friends… And he is still a stranger to her.

He took the paracetamol box from the side… Wondering what happen… ‘are you feeling all right?’
Geet shyly looked down, wondering how to put her matter in words. ‘oh… My… Monthly have -started- I- get- its normal pain!’ she curled her lips, spinning around.
Maan looked other way, knowing what exactly she meant.
oh…- I think you should rest, I will let the servant know to bring you some juices… ‘

Geet nodes slightly than walks off with relief.
Later at night, Geet felt Maan again against Her back, this time he was harder than before and wake. He stroked the nape of her back, and gently kissed her. ‘how are you feeling now?’
little-better!’ she mumbled to reply, and dare not look back at his passionate eyes.
we can do it later… I think you require rest for this few days.‘ he reassured and she knew exactly what he meant. He gently slides his hand again over her waist, rubbing it ever so lightly. Geet held the pillow in tight crunch, gulping her saliva. Wondering how to be out of this situation, right now- straight way.

Than suddenly she felt his hot saliva on her neck… His warm breath started to penetrate through her soft skin. He slowly pushed her to her back as he climbed on top of her, planning to enter her mouth. She laid there numb, unable to think how should she react to his kiss. He was passionate, that’s what Geet gathered with his each touch. He was careful and there was art with each touch. His finger often were drawing on her skin, teasing, playing. His tongue loved the soft tender neighbor of his. Her saliva. Which cared not to cocktail with his. No rejection, no guilt. Geet brought her hand to rest on his shoulder, maybe to hug, or maybe to push. She wanted to stop, she did not want to carry on with his passionate kiss. The kiss wasn’t there yet. The kiss have long way to travel before its there. He moved from her mouth to her chin, when Geet whispered to Maan.
Maan…’ she mumbled between her heavy breath.
don’t! Please…’ Geet closed her eyes… ‘we won’t be able to do anything today… Don’t make it hard for me!’ she lied. Her word had double meaning. In truth, she did not want him to kiss her. In truth, she did not want to be in his arm. In truth, she did not want to sleep on the same bed as him, however Maan thought it was due to her monthly cycle… And she was in pain.

He slowly moved to the side, accepting her refuse. Geet sat up with little pain in her stomach. Maan instantly realized and helped her to drink some water. She did not want to cuddle up in his arm to sleep, but she could not refuse either, specially after refusing to his desire…
As there body made it in middle of the bed, his hand automatically came around her waist, bringing her close, than eventually she rested her head on his bicep. He pulled her closer, until her head rested on his chest, and he had perfect angel to tease her Brest. Geets buds were hard. Not that her mind wanted to, but it was automatic psychical reaction of an opposite gender touch. Maan moved to his side, facing geet, he pulled her even closer… She could feel how her silk nightdress now were over her stomach, leaving her bottom naked with only panties. His trouser were off, Geet didn’t even realize when, only on boxers. There warm leg mingled under the duvet, and his hard manhood were pushing against her private. Over the pad. His one leg went between hers, while his hand, under her dress, rubbing her bare back. His chest was teasing her Brest. Geet didn’t want to look in his eyes in the dark, he was playing with her body, and she couldn’t say no. His hard manhood were slowly pushing against her, and she couldn’t refuge. He was having pleasure, without her… And she couldn’t enjoy…

Good night…‘ he slowly whispered in her ear as they drifted off to sleep.

Next morning when she woke up, she found her nightdress open, with her exposed chest, half of her cloths were off and she was only on panties and when she sat up, everything came off. Maan woke up with her nudge, he starred at her open hard Brest. The buds were rock hard… She wondered how did this happen… And almost forgot to see her husband were staring at her. She looked up in shame than down, with shyness when she caught his eyes.
Geet took the bed duvet and went underneath… She laid next to Maan in order to hide.
‘how-how did this-happen?’
‘you were moving to much last night… I think few buttons came off…!’
Geet can see little smirk at corner of his cheek and small smile at the side. She sighed and in embarrassment became red. He brought naked Geet close, cupping her Brest under the duvet.
is this my morning tea?’ he teased…
Geet wanted to run from there. Firstly it was her self who was making the situation hard for him, and she expected him to kill his desire. She deserved punishments.

He sat up , taking his top off, than bends down. He looked at her frozen eyes, cupping her both curve together. The hard buds instantly shoots up for his mouth to suck. Her curve was big compare to her petit body. and he was enjoying her positive sex attraction. He pushed both curve together, and licked one after the another. The tip of his tongue started to lick like an hungry lion for there water. The rubbing sensation was passing electric down her body. Geet moaned and tried to get up but than maan himself backed way.

sorry- I am making it to hard for you!’ he smiled, realizing she won’t be able to control. He was between her leg, his hard manhood trying his best to penetrate through her panties but failing miserably… As he stood up on his knee, removing the duvet from there body, she could see the desire, the hardness through his boxers. It surprised her that how much he was controlling. She is basically naked in front of him. Geet sat up, taking her gown from the side, covering her exposes chest than quickly running to bathroom.


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7 responses to “repulsive part 5

  1. Dsonia

    January 21, 2013 at 7:48 pm

    Awesome update….. Loved it….
    Beautifully written….
    Continue soon
    Eagerly waiting…

  2. seemamary

    January 21, 2013 at 7:58 pm

    Amazing one…… Just loved it.continue soon want more passionate scenes.

  3. trs1391

    January 21, 2013 at 11:38 pm


  4. Kathrina Pheonix (dumas)

    January 22, 2013 at 2:20 am

    awesome update maan try to come close and she wants to run away from hjim loved the update beautifully done

  5. Amruta Joshi

    January 22, 2013 at 12:19 pm

    Awesome updates..
    i read all parts in one go..
    continue soon

  6. crazydream

    January 22, 2013 at 5:10 pm

    Maan getting passionate. Their first kiss. Geet wanting to protest.
    She can tell him her views. Y is she nt speaking. She shud say dat first they shud understand one another n then proceed wid this relationship. N also her fear of curse. I think Maan wud understand.

    Maan advancing at nite. Geet managed to say no. Liked the way she put up as Maan didnt misunderstand.
    Loved their moments. N liked d passionate Maan.

  7. 123fiza1

    February 9, 2013 at 9:27 pm

    wow hot and sizzling one….
    thank you


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