Negotiation Chapter 2

19 Apr

The throbbing pain of fear around her small boney thigh left the trembling leg to lose the balance for fraction of second, she did not complain nor wanted to think through each matter.

“excuse me?”

Asad question looking at her light brown eyes. It twinkled not with tears of surprise or happiness but twinkled with the torment. Her face was perfect mirror image of the thumping heart. Clearly hearable in the silent of the near midnight.
She drank saliva one after another. The cool hauling breeze came no use to satisfy the heat of the burning skin.

“what do you want from me?”
She repeats her fear full blunt sentence, somewhere expecting no words in return, but action of those big muscular muscle, patiently waiting to be thrown way with some touch, clasping, tripping on the hard concrete floor that laid beneath her bare foot.
It’s cold, chill wind passed through her each toe, they twitched, fighting to shuffle to gather the little warmth from the surrounding.

“you are in shock! This is the servant quarter. You will be staying here from today on!”

He understood exactly what those each word hinted towards. She may think what ever. It did not concern him to be honest he barely cares.

The door opens with a surprising shocking old face. A elderly man, with so much facial wrinkle that the eyes barely visible. Zoya shrieked. Taking few shaky step back.

“who is this, are you Zoya? The girl who just arrived few hours back?”

As zoya observed the man, asad left. The noise of the door, slum shut brought Zoya back to the reality. She spines her head to look at the man’s black car, but instead only few leafs circling on the ground.

The old man who stood by the door spoke in a old corky voice. Even in his attempt of shouting, the voice wasn’t loud enough to here from one foot way.


A uncomfortable smile along with barely hearable voice came out of Zoyas lips. Her throbbing pink cheek gave out another image of fear.

“come in my dear. I have arranged a place for you tonight, maybe twomoro morning we will be able to find you some permanent place.”

Zoya smiled again, stepping in as the man moved few slow step back. It was an ordinary small cottage. No fancy designee, not anything like she have experienced in the big mention next door. Each direction of the close 4 Walls 4 White door laid prominently.
She spines around then looks back at the small man. Stood few feet way.

“you have to make some space on the floor for tonight, I do apologias but there are no extra room. It’s such a short notice as well. You know, is rare for Mr Khan to bring any new staff. My family have been here for past 40 years.”

He sounded pleasant, reasonable and a cheery man. Scratching his head now and then to remember the last word he spat out of that teeth-less mouth.

“it’s fine, I will be perfectly happy. There are nothing that I should complain about, I have a safe roof, protecting me from rain. A spread protecting my skin.”

It was more of a straight question to this man, who she wanted a confirmation that this is safe. Safe for her to live under.

“you don’t worry. This is one of the safest place. In- fact, I have 2 grand daughter who should also be your age.”

He looked at Zoya in concern, trying to guess the age.  She looked very young to be homeless, Extremely young.

“how old are you my dear?”


“oh dear, you are a very young girl. I am glad that my old boy mr Khan have found you. He may look hard, but I tell you a little secret, there is a soft man inside him. A man of principal. A man of dignity.”

Zoya took in his word as a guild line to assume, to create an image. She knew everything yet so little about this man. A disgusting thought was still lingering somewhere deep within, she suppressed for the night. Sleeping.


Asad stepped in his dark dam dull room. The door slides open with an incredible noise. The silent. It wasn’t an ordinary noise, a noise of his torment heart. The wall was empty with no painting, no picture. He always preferred this silent and specially after an petrifying evening. He felt good in heart, a lightly feeling that was missing for several years. Saving a innocent girl from so many goons, it must be special. Can he call him self a good person?  Or is she any better with him!

A mockery smile appeared. No! He loosens the bow tie slightly, opening the top few button roughly to breath in some fresh air. The curtain was floating with the summer cool breeze. The satisfaction, a untold emotion evoked within. A feeling of touched, feeling of comfort in a limit felt out of ordinary.
Asad neatly placed the dirty cloths in washing basket, than  taking some clean cloths out of the wardrobe to wear.
He rests him self on a long arm chair near the window with a view of the servant quarter and above the forest.
He gazed upon the forest for few fraction of second before drifting in to sleep.


“how old are you? Have you finished school? Can you read this number plate? Do you know what type of car is this?”

Numerous question woke Asad up from his deep sleep. His room didn’t exist far from the lively servant quarter. He slowly lets the sunlight reach the pupil, little by little so the morning hedache won’t touch him from the little sleep he had last night. A fuzzy light picture of three dots started to be come visible, then slowly it came in focus. It’s a birds side view. Zoya along with two other grand child of there servant. He refuge to call the other two as his servant, they don’t work for him neither there family. 2 simple girl with a big dream. They deserves respects. Studying in school, top in there every class surly does not deserve this low treatment.
He sits up, taking a good look at the three girls, it reminded him of his school days, long time back now, how he used to use the excuse and misuse the right of a senior student an bullied the younger kids.
Asad smiled, “good old days” he mumbled through the pink lips. He ignored the young adults, sitting up, taking the towel from the side and made his way towards the bathroom.


“I don’t. I am sorry. Due to money, I and my sister never been able to reach any higher class then year 6!”

She looks down. The night have given her enough time to acknowledge the fear and learn to suppress. Even though the little she knew about this small family but they looked safe and nice.

“oh- my! This is bad.” one sister called tanny replied while the younger Molly who recently about to finish her year 8 was in deep thought.

“do you think we can maybe teach her and then start her schooling again. It will cost nothing I am sure, papa can easily afford this.” tanny suggested, looking at Zoyas shocking face.

“I am sure it will be perfectly alright. I see no reason of refusal. She does not have to work for the Khan, we don’t!”
Molly adds which did not satisfied tanny.

“don’t you think, we are giving Zoya falls hope, can you please control those big words of yours, Mr Khan have brought her, and let him decide what’s best for his servant.”

The word servant did not bother Zoya, not at all, actually to be precise having a job here, under such a big expensive family, she could earn more then a man who have finished there education and working.

“I am sure mr Khan won’t be disappointed with our idea. She can work here as a part time and study at the same time.’

It’s an unusual day. Zoya’s long night and the tormenting day have went by wondering what is going through that confusing mind of that man. No matter how much that uncle, the servant of Mr Khan would say, the thought still very much wake that he have brought her for a reason. She looked down with plead, than outside through the balcony as she cleaned in diamond standard. Leaving no mark for mr Khan to complained. She have hard many things about that man, well enough since last night when she first entered through that big prison gates of his. Zoya looked around, wondering what’s the hitch, as she observed at far corner of the big Mattel gate, the two guards looked worried. She haven’t seen the saviour, or her other half of the mind would like to suggest- her owner. since mid- night, The time he have left her in this good man’s hand.

She stepped out in her bare foot, heading towards the big long gate, wondering whats the matter!

‘is everything alright?’ she looked at the two guards with her big brown eyes. ‘I have noticed your worried face from far. That’s why I was just wondering. I hope you didn’t mind.’ Zoya half smiled.

‘who are you?’ the two guards looked at her in confusion. Observing her top to bottom. ‘it’s choty mam’s cloths! But dirty!’ they looked back at her small pretty face. ‘oh my god! You stealer!’

One of the guard charged straight towards her, holding the duppata, snatching it way in speed of light. As a defend, Zoya crossed her hand over her self, hiding her feminine parts.

‘oh-my’ she spines around in fear, was the night about to repeat all over again? Was mr Khan on his way to rescue! ‘what are you doing?’ the build up tears Crowley down from her eyes, landing on her soft milky hand. ‘please-‘ she pleads. ‘I am no thief. I came here last night. Mr Khan have brought me.’ she cried. Hoping there may be someone with soft heart to return her cloths.

‘liar!’ one of the guards shouts back. I know you girls very well. You leave in a chal, don’t you! You little thief, you deserve to walk around naked!’ he spoke in furious tone and holds her dress. He was just about to pull when a strong hand stopped the guards at its place.

Zoya shuts the thin layer of her skin above her eyes, wishing everything was a nightmare, and any moment now her body will be moved by someone to wake up. She drank the dry saliva around her moist mouth, shivering in fear, however, 1 second turned in to two than ten, nothing moved. Not even her hair. She slowly opens her eyes only to see Mr Khan standing with furious face to the guards. They mumbled.

He was holding Zoyas shall, tightly in between his fist.

‘I never knew I pay you to rape any passing women on my door step!’ he spat the words at the guards. The fear emerged at there face faster than there body could whisper out any words. The guards slowly stepped back, drinking the saliva, wondering what’s next.

‘get back TO WORK!’ he almost screamed the last few words, which did not fail to scream through Zoya’s body.

‘we-w-r s–o-r…’ they could barely make out any words.

Asad holds Zoya’s arm, and walks across the long floor to the garden. She observed Asad’s furious eyes. Her mind crawled at those forbidden nights he may have brought her for. Zoya’s breathing increased with his each pressure of the small nail that dug in to her milky skin. His one hand dragged her duppata while another forcing her close to him. The heat gave her another wrong feeling.

‘LET GO OFF ME!’ she snaps her hand way from him! Zoya’s eyes widens in fear, shimmering with the burning sun. she took few step back. Keeping a little safe distance.

‘what?’ Asad replies without an delay. Curious, and shocked with her high voice.

‘I know you, you are like those men! Otherwise why would you spend so much money on me? But let me remind you- MR Khan!’ Zoya spoke in a shaky voice, with her shaky tone, ‘I won’t give in this easily! Young! Vargine!’ Zoya took few more step backwards, ‘a hot topic amongst your friend maybe, but let me remind you, I no slave.  Not to be smothered by that sinful body of yours!’
Her red boiling eyes observed the tall buffed man wearing black suit, in disgust. She rubbed her hand in order to soothe the pain while controlling the tears.

Asad looked back at her highly toxic face in disbelieve. ‘I can lay millions of girls like you- without asking! Don’t be a fool! And I see you have many unpleasant thought about my image already. I thought you would have guessed yesterday, I saved your life!’ Asad spoke with no emotion, degrading her at the same time titling him self as the savior.

‘I- am sorry s-I-r’ Zoya spoke in mockery tone. ‘how can I forget I am your rightly own slave. Of course you have all the right to imagine your self as my god. My lord! But that’s not mean I am the girl to please you at the dark hour!’  she suppressed her hands over her exposed chest again. Covering from his hungry eyes.

Asad gave the girl a new name in his mind. She had some courage to talk back to Asad Khan. ‘that tongue is fighting back at the wrong place and wrong time. Yesterday was your perfect opportunity!’ Asad spines around, throwing the scuff on  the floor near her bare foot. ‘a low girl like you could never reach my bed! You should take that perception out of your mind.’ Asad indicated his words towards how poor she is while Zoya took his words in wrong direction again.

He walked off without looking back twice, Zoya observed the perfect back of the despicable man.  The leg almost gave way, she would have trembled under her own weight if she had to endure that man even little longer, talking about how he would use her, why he have brought her.


Asad walked with furious mind, ignoring the presence of his ma. He barely cared! That’s what he repeats to him self, however his unconscious mind questioned him back, why he did not say clearly the purpose behind saving her! There were no negotiation running through his vain! It’s simple! It’s

Dilsad stood beside the door. In his anger he completely forgot to acknowledge his ma’s presence, maybe few knocks to.

‘I wish to be left alone!’ he spines his head sideway, showing his half unpleasant face. ‘please ma, i wish to be left alone.’ he repeats, sitting on his long arm chair, taking his tiered foot off the ground and resting on the foot tool. The head leaned back without any delay, closing the tiring eyes, that seemed it was hungry for some rest since last night.

‘you have been working again!’ Dilsad, ignored the Khans plead and stepped in to his long room. ‘I wonder when you will understand. Don’t you think you are not that young Asad any more, filled with enthusiasm of doing great in business. I think you have achieved enough in this 27 years of your life.’ Dilsad finished her sentence, standing right behind Asad, resting her soft hand over his smooth forehead. Gently providing pressure and slow message. ‘the Khan’s boys have always failed to sow the love towards me. I have a feeling you my boy, traveling at the same direction.’ she teased.

‘your over dramatic words do not amuses me ma. If I am not up to your standard than with disappointment I have to suggest maybe, you are lacking behind of understanding the Khan’s.’ Asad replied with tiring voice and closed eyes.

‘you are just like your dad.’ she smiled while nodding her head. ‘I hard Ayan will be visiting us in couple of days!’

‘you have hard correct!’ Asad pules him self up, unbuttoning his shirt to take a shower. ‘next week if I am not wrong. He is top to bottom useless, I am sure he will have plenty of times for your words. After all I found you two at the same level.’ Asad mocked while standing up, walking to his wardrobe and than in to the bathroom.

‘now, I guess this age is to listen to your son suggesting how useless this old lady perhaps be. I know you all waiting for me to go, way from you all forever.’ she spoke in over dramatic tone.

‘I did not suggest that ma. You misinterpreting my words. Am I forbidden to create little joke for our mere amusement?’ Asad shouts from other side.

‘this old mom shall leave you here and look for comfort in her daughter who have possessed the sweet voice of her mother, unlike the little devils!’ she smiled and walked out, locking the door.


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  1. ushankitvc

    April 19, 2013 at 6:10 pm

    awesum updt…ooops a MU and there starts asad and zoya taunting each other…..both r angry on each other….ayaan cuming surely going to see the J asad…..continue sooon….

    • firesafirefiree

      May 6, 2013 at 8:54 pm

      hhe.. replied both if and here.. its just silly zoya and asad

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    April 19, 2013 at 8:07 pm

    awesome update

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    April 21, 2013 at 4:23 pm

    one more interesting updt 😀

    seems like more MU and nok jhoks in its way 😉

    Mr. Khan… kabhi nahi sudhrenge na… na serial mein aur nahi ff mein 😛


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