negotiation part 3

22 Apr

Chapter 3 20/4

Asad silently slides in to his long meditation. Closing the eyes, no noise, his body laid comfortably in the bath, hidden by the thick layer of foam. The wet black hair glittered as the light above changed its color from red to dim blue, small mild music was playing without out any concern, relaxing his muscle further.

Hours passed, Asad had no intention to get up, the smell contributed to the sexiness. He gently glides up, the water started to run off from his silky skin. He hissed. The body wanted to be lost in that world of comfort again. The ungrateful mind ignored the pleads of the body, and he walked in to the shower, rinsing the left over soap off. He looked up at the shower, twisting his neck with closed eyes, drinking few droplet from the rapid water, than spines around to let the water do its trick. He suppressed his arm against the glass on his either side pushing the hard strong bicep, to clean him further.


Dilsad wondered around the manor, she remembered the girl who Asad have brought last night. The name-, she looked around to think her name again. ‘ah, Zoya!’ she smiled. Dilsad took her seat on one of the big cream leather sofa and called one of her servant to call Zoya.

In no time Zoya stood outside of the big brown gate again. Wondering why she have called. Before her shaky hand could pick its self up to knock on the door, one of the servant that she have not met yet, opens the door. A man in his early or late 60s. Zoya half smiled. His wrinkle face had different reaction. There were no presence of welcome or kindness, almost he was a robot standing in front of her.

‘ma-m called me!’ Zoya mumbled. ‘the mam I saw last night!’ she spoke in a worry manner. The thought of Asad was still playing in her mind.

‘I know!’ the man snaps in his deep voice. ‘I did not ask. Now come in. Our lady do not have whole day to wait for you.’ the voice were highly rude.

Zoya did not reply, instead she looked down in fear and stepped in to the house. Somewhere she had this ideas in her head that maybe it was Asad. Trying to trick her!

‘come in Zoya!’ the Dilsad spoke in her sweet voice.

Zoya almost escaped with sudden noise of the lady. She was about to shake the soul out of her body. Zoya walked there quietly, exchanging quick glimpse now and than. She stood few foot way from the lady of the house. Her hand neatly locked in one another, like the other maid.

‘how you finding our Khan mansion?’ Mrs Khan questioned. ‘we treat our servant like our gust. We don’t call our servant, we have named them our worker and each one of you is very much special to us.’ she smiled. ‘I hope you finding everything very comfortable here!’

Zoya slowly nodes.

‘I don’t know if you have special work, however I am sure you will have plenty to do.’

The old man who was standing almost silently at the back steps forward, and looks at Mrs Khan. ‘Our other maid is not here today, she can start with cleaning cloths!’

Dilsad smiled and looked at Zoya. ‘every room have special basket zoya, this is my butler,’ she points at the old man with her eyes. ‘Mr kunnal. He will show you around.’

Zoya nodes silently. The butler starts walking, telling Zoya to flow. She slowly walked behind him, walking up the long stair case. He opens one of the big wooden door out of many, talking her in. A sudden fear woke inside Zoya, she being alone with any men created fear inside her heart. Zoya kept near to the door, at least she can run!

‘look!’ the man finally spoke. He points at a long brown wooden basket, just next to the bathroom. ‘every room have this type of basket, you have to collect what’s in them and take it downstair, I will show you after this where are all the washing machines. So remember all the cloths out of this types of basket!’ Zoya nodes silently, and walks behind him out of the room, along the long stair case to the kitchen. He travels through another few door, it took sometime for zoya to realize which door is what.

They eventually came in to a room, where more than 6 washing machine, dryer laid across. There was another lady already present and doing her work efficiently.

‘she is Mrs Poppet!’ the man spoke. ‘she will show you how to work with this machine!’ the man finished and without another word he walked out.

Mrs poppet walked to her with a big smile. ‘now, Asad baby must be home today, I saw his car few hours back, his dirty cloths usually around the bathroom, he is so busy, he barely have any time to do anything, but he does not lik his room dirty, so if you fetch his cloths fast, I would be great full & make sure you do not touch anything. He does not like anyone touching his staff, and if you do make sure they are exactly how they were!’ Poppet finish without a single breath. She is a big lady, fatter than what Zoya have encountered so far. Middle aged again. Maybe 50 or 60. Zoya starred at the lady, who was double the size of her.

‘what’s your name my dear?’ she suddenly questions.


‘you do look very young. I wonder where on earth Asad baby have found you. He does come home with some unusual girls.’ she spoke while ironing cloths.

Zoya again took her words in wrong way, her life always have been filled with surprised and danger, now in a family where the man of the house brings in girls after girls, that’s no surprise.

‘I am 17!’ she spoke quietly. Mrs poppet instantly stops at her spot. ‘oh my, how could they?’ Zoya looked at the ladies disgusting face. ‘what type of parents do you have. This age you should be out with your friends. Not working to feed them. This is disgracefully!’ she finished with an annoying tone, going back to ironing. ‘anyway, baby’s room is the 5th door on the right. Now chop-chip go and fetch the cloths.’

Zoya in confusion and in worry walks out. she stood silently before talking the first step around this strange house. A tour of torment perhaps.

Zoya held the stair for support, a part of curious mind was wondering why they are sending her in to his room out of 100s? She looked down back along the vast hall that laid below. ‘right’ she mumbles. Some reason Zoya looked at either side to make sure someone was there if she screams, but in her dismay there was no one around this big manor. She slowly stepped forward, little by little, passing and counting the door, she stopped right in front, hesitating to push the door open. She slowly looked at either side of the balcony, still she have encountered with no one.
Eventually her body slowly pushed the door walking in the big golden room. Her eyes scanned the room in great hurry, almost missing the big wooden box that laid beside the white marble door. She rushed towards it almost forgetting what the butler have mentioned earlier on, Asad’s cloths are always in bathroom. Her hand opens without any second thought only to realize its empty. Zoya looked around the bathroom again, without any delay she walked in to the bathroom. It’s true the cloths were hanging on the rack. She slowly walks in, without looking who might be in the bathroom, who might be standing right behind her.

‘if I can remember correctly’ the deep voice spoke in lazy tone, right behind zoya’s ear. ‘you named me as disgraceful. Buying you for my pleasure & far as I remember I did not invite you to be here, standing in front of a stranger who barely have cloths to cover his modesty.’

Zoya dropped Asads cloths on the floor, scattered around there foot. She spines around without thinking, landing against the wide chest of Asads.

Her breathing increased rapidly without any delay, taking steps back with each look. Her frightening eyes gave Asad an unwanted desire.

‘so this was your plan?’ Zoya disgustingly spoke. Keeping her self up under her shaky body. ‘you disgust me. A man like you what els could I expect?’ Asad did not stop, instead took step along with hers, pushing her against the wall. ‘modesty you talk about,’ Zoya mocked. ‘a modesty to arrange your worker to send a helpless girl to your bathroom in a state where its easy for you’ she looked way in disgust. ‘easy-‘. His silence was giving her another wrong indication.

Asad slowly charged at her, staring curiously at this girl. Servant. ‘you have very big dream I see!’ he spoke while taking a rob from the side. ‘I owe no one an explanation however your low thought reflects your image. There is a saying no matter how much you polish a steel you can not turn it in to silver. I see the same fate for you.’ Asad takes a towel from the side, drying his wet hair.

‘you came to fetch my cloths if I am not wrong. I see no reason of you wasting your time here, or are you one of those who looks comfort between work and finds lame excuse to cover.’ he walked in front of the mirror, taking few toiletry from the side.

Zoya turns around, seeing something on his body at least. ‘you call this lame excuse?’ she whispered. Her fear almost vanished seeing him walking way, forgetting this man have brought her for some reason. ‘yes, sure perhaps, it maybe a lame excuse for you, but not for me.’

‘that’s a very big words from a girl who was nearly sold to some Arab men’s. I am surprised with your attitude, perhaps it’s this attitude that brought you in to that place.’ he spoke with humor.

He looked at Zoyas reflection, tears was threatening to build up, however she was trying to control, control enough to show she was trembling under his words.
‘you don’t know anything about me!’ she screamed.

‘I never saw a shameless girl like you before. You are still standing. What are you planning? Planning to see me naked, or waiting for me to lay you on my bed?’

Zoya ran out without looking back twice, a man of arrogant, rich and powerful who posses every power to control her.

She wipes her tears off, walking down the stair, taking two at a time. It almost looked like a small girl running to her mama. Zoya came back to the room, where mrs poppet was standing, one basket of cloths neatly folded in piles.

‘oh-my!’ mrs poppet looked at Zoyas red eyes. ‘I hope Asad baby have not scolded you.’ Zoya rubbed her eyes to take the excess water off however it left a red mark under her eyes. ‘I am so sorry, oh how could I, I should have warned you. Oh I am so sorry my dear!’

‘warn’ Zoya murmured. Her mind have played enough games, those words from mouth of that man was enough to tear her soul apart.

‘yes, he does poses a high temper, what can I say. He is like that. Oh this is going on since his young age. Uff this boy!- but you don’t take it in heart. He is like that. I am sure with time you will learn to ignore that cruel man.’ she smiles.

Zoya hides her self between the door and wall. Hiding way the reason behind this baby Asad of Mrs poppet brought her for. How can she possibly say? Who would believe her.

‘did you eat anything?’ mrs poppet suddenly spoke again. ‘you probably have been working since morning. Come’ mrs poppet finished ironing the last one. Tucking her scuff back, neatly than walked out of the room. They were straight in to the kitchen. zoya wondered if this was alright.

‘you see we are not allowed to eat here. This is specially for the family and there higher gust, however mrs Khan have let me to use anything as I please and as you are under my supervision I am sure one or two loaf of bread wont do any harm.’ she blurbed in her high peach voice while preparing two plates for them.  ‘don’t you talk? What’s your name?’ mrs poppet suddenly realized. She have forgot this girls name, or have she even ask.

‘Zoya!’ she murdered.

‘you are not much of a talker! Are you Zoya. Last girl I had with me, uff , ya allah she can talk. She maybe had those one of the computer fixed in her mouth, but she left all of a sudden.’ she spoke sadly.

Zoya came by with the comforting words of the lady. ‘why she left all of a sudden?’ she questioned curiously. Her tense was there, she must be the replacing girl to please this man.

‘oh I don’t know. She was blabbing some nonsense for past few days. You know how busy I am, so could never catches what’s the hitch. Than one day, Asad baby came and took her way.’

Zoyas eyes widens. Is mrs poppet this naive to believe the baby Asad is this innocent. They must be playing little innocent in front of her to fall in the net they are laying.

She silently took the plate and ate without any complain.


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  1. ushankitvc

    April 23, 2013 at 5:18 am

    awesum updt…zoya completely MU asad…continue sooon….

  2. livelove

    April 25, 2013 at 12:06 am

    looooooovvveeee ur fanfic…ur truly an amazingly talented person…ummm…FireSaffireFiree? i need ur permission 4 something dear…is it okay wid u if i take small extracts frm ur ff to place in my book? i am currently writting a novel, and ur ff has inspired me even more…if u dont feel comfortable lending out ur work, its perfectly fine wid me dear..:) just need ur consent yes or no….:) and plzz keep dis ff running 4ever!!! hehehehe…ur great…:)

    • firesafirefiree

      May 6, 2013 at 8:54 pm

      hay, thank you. your comments means allot and no i am sorry. i can’t llend anyone my work, as i my self trying to update them in a book standard. so sorry.

      • livelove

        May 6, 2013 at 9:19 pm

        hey thanks anyways dear, ur really talented:) so ur writing a book? r u planning on publishing it?well cuz im planning to publish mine sometime soon…i gotta finish it up a little:P….Live, Love, Forget…=dats the name of my book…:)

  3. livelove

    April 25, 2013 at 3:46 am

    chapter 4??:) eagerly waiting..:)


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