Negotiation Part 4

03 May

hay, i have allot of mistake, i really do apologias… hope you all love it.

Chapter 4 21/4

Zoya walked across the great marble hall with a long black broom, polishing the floor, leaving no mark to complain. She watched Asad as he hurriedly walked in, without noticing walking across the stair and disappearing along the balcony. She looked up with curiosity and fear. The eyes without zoya’s acknowledgement looked up every now and than, anticipating when he might walk down the long stair and start his boring lecture.

However, why the long line in clocks ticked faster when she is with him. That concern Zoya. Seeing that man boils her body. Her glimpse was caught by nun other than her master’s mother. She came back from the charity event, well that’s what she hard before she left with her son.

‘what are you looking at my dear?’ dilsad asked, staring at the same place where Zoya must have been staring.
‘oh-I-‘ now Zoya surly couldn’t say, how her heart fears her master. She lives in pain and fear when he may come and tear her apart. ‘I was thinking of cleaning the stair!’ she lied. ‘it looks dirty!’ she looked down on the floor, shamed with her lye.
Dilsad looked confusingly at the polished stair. ‘it’s very clean. I think you have done a splendid job.’ dilsad starred around the room. ‘actually I have never saw my manor this clean before. Must say you work efficiently!’ dilsad gave out a comfortable smile towards Zoya which made her blush.

For the first time in two days there was glimpse of smile on her face. ‘mashalla, you do look beautiful with smile.’

Zoya blushed further. ‘your work is very efficient!’

‘thank you!’

‘so dear, tell me more about you. Where you used to live before?’

Zoya bit her tongue, with a deep thought about what to explain. Where her son have found her & where she exactly came from.

‘with my uncle!’ Zoya slowly whispered. The face became pale without any warning. The memory of abusive days with her so called uncle, those burning mark, reworked memory that she thought was long dead. Zoya looked way to inhale gush of air to remove the burning pain that still frightens the souls out of her body.

‘so what happen after that?’ Dilsad looked at her changing color of her white pale skin. Something worried her from deep and she could guess with her agony which was fighting to surface. Dilsad questioned her self wondering was questioning her further with that delicate worry on her face was correct way to push her to answer.

‘than…’ Zoya took a shy relief. No matter how much she may deny, the fact, the truth is, the devil, the devil son of this innocent lady’s walked in to her life like an angel and brought her for god knows for how many dark nights. ‘than, your….’ Zoya looked back at those innocent eyes. Was it correct to suggest that his son him self visit such low and disgusting place where, it’s a market, market to sell and buy innocent Virgin girls like her. Was it correct to whisper out such words.

Zoya’s face innocently smiles and looked way. ‘my uncle threw me out & your son picked me up!’.


Dilsad decided not to question any further. Zoya slowly drift of as she somehow had little free time from her work, she walked out in the long garden. Her mind had nothing to look forward to. She was almost lost in a dark sea. She had dream once, dream to be someone, to be independent, that seemed like a dream now. She have a sister who she doubt if she have managed to survive under that roof of torture.

However her worrying heart can not ignore the fact how much she is missing her little sister. How is she? How she will be handling hungry tummy? What if they bring her sister at the same place after few years? What if they success to sell her off.

Zoya couldn’t take the thought any longer. She suppressed her hand over her ear so no noise would penetrate from her mind. She closed her eyes in fear of seeing something that she will not able to bare. The noise of those screaming girls started to haunt her but the most haunting noise was the feeling her little sister getting abused by those man.

‘no! No… NOOO!’ Zoya screamed as she landed on her knee. She must do something, because this fear was only growing like a cactus in her vain. The guilt of saving her sister were killing her.

Zoya slowly opens her eyes to witness nothing els than green vegetation that laid in front of her. The reality strikes back. She is a mere servant in an unknown town. What can she do? She have no education, no knowledge about this brutal worlds, no help, than what can she do? She only have hope, hope to save her sister soon before it’s too late.

The night came quick. As she walked pass the long dark metal gate, their was two new guards. Zoya took a shy relief. She hated that two old guards. However her natural defense looked back at her cloth she was wearing. It was normal servant cloths. Nothing special. So they will sure know she is the new servant in the house.

Zoya walked in to the Khan kitchen to help prepare the family dinner. Mrs poppet was humming as usual, Zoya tried her best to help to prepare english dishes. It looked Extremely odd to her. The weird shape pasta was alien. She observed mrs poppet than took the rapper, twisting and turning, trying to read English.
‘what is this?’ Zoya pulled a face. Her eyes observing mrs poppet as she poured hard pasta in the bowel.
‘pasta my dear!’ mrs poppet gave her a random look. Now who wouldn’t know what is pasta.
‘is it something to eat?’ Zoya tried to look up in the hot pan with full of pasta and water as it boiled.
‘oh my…. Don’t you know what pasta is?’ mrs poppet gave Zoya a shocking expression.
‘no! No I don’t! What pas-ta is!’
Zoya had little hard time pronouncing the name. All her life she was brought up with one day old white rice, that to minimal. It tasted horrible, she and her sister had to put salt in to taste any decent.
‘well, you should know the name now along with english Rost and high class Indian dish. This is Mr Khan favorite. Actually his brother and his sister. ‘
Mrs poppet happily smiled as she prepares for other things.

Zoya observed mrs poppet and took whatever not her brain could Handel. The recipe had huge amount of points that was impossible for her brain to catch. Therefore she decided to remember only first few.

She flowed mrs poppet out to the grand dining room. It was a pretty room with wild painting, variety. Nothing like Zoya have experienced before in her life. She was found by the huge painting. The room gave out a complete different feeling. For a moment she Completely for got her presence . One painting that captured her eyes was a picture of a sunset at far distance in-between meanders of river. The vivid red color slowly transferred in to orange than to shady yellow. Zoya inhaled as the photo came closer and closer to her light brown eyes. The wonder of every detail fascinated her heart to eyes to the toe. The mind was so engulfed in the scenery that her mind completely for got to place the dish she was holding on her hand.

‘darling, put the bowl down here….. Zoya!’

Mrs poppers voice brought Zoya back to her reality. She blinked few times before looking at mrs poppet and her hand. She was tapping on the million dollars marble table.

Zoya mumbled. The brain did not fancy coming out of the beautiful painting. The mind searched for words to provide explanation for this rude action.  ‘I am sorry! I am sorry… I..’ her heart panicked. A sudden fear grow without any warning.

‘it’s ok!’ mrs poppet nodes in a comforting way. All the new servant becomes amazed when they entered this room at this time of the evening.’

‘this time?’ Zoya question with little innocent tone.

‘when you come tomorrow morning, you will understand why.’

Zoya gave her little word a thought. It was true, this painting did not look the same when she came earlier this morning. Than why it was so different now? Her thought was distracted as the two member of Khan walked in. It was no other than Mr Khan, her savior and his poor Mom. They had different shining cloths not what they wore earlier today. Mr Asad Khan had black shirt with black trouser. His golden color watch was giving his full body a different shape. He softly brought his hand forward and than like a gentleman took the chair out for his mom to sit.

Zoya moved back with mrs poppet and few other servant who joined with them. They stood in a line, barely visible for either Khan.

Everyone had no or minimal smile on there face, Zoya flowed the same criteria. After fraction of minute when mrs poppet realized that Khan’s were happy with the dinner that was served, mrs poppet slowly left the dinning room, ordering Zoya to flow.

Zoya looked back once at the new evening Khan.


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  1. sanjana yadav

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    wonderful as usual!!!:) can u plzz take a look at ur previous chapter’s comment section??pplzz??

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