Part 1

01 Jul

Walking by…

The cold night can only evoke a man to find comfort on there other half’s arm, but for this man, Mr Jearmy Handa had different plan. He is a middle age man, have three children, Two daughter name Geet & jessy and son Drew.
It’s his boy birthday. He seemed least bothered as he walked in to the New York top club. The bouncer gave him a smile and with delight, he was welcomed. He barely could stand let alone talk to someone. Was he really out of his mind?

Jearmy took his seat at his usual place. Ordering the waiters to pour little more whiskey.
Little noise in the club caught his attention as one of the man was having heated arguments. He vaguely looked up, wondering what might be the problem.

‘Look! Look!’ the strange man exclaimed in calm manner. He was reasonably handsome, with buff body. The face… Face… Jearmy could vaguely see. ‘I didn’t touch her! She touched me!’
‘you touched my girlfriend and I saw that. don’t deny you little bustard!’ the tall handsome man instantly burst out in laughter.
‘I am Maan. Maan khurana. I think you ought to control the little wh**e of yours, I think last thing you want is her sliding in my pants without saying ouch!’ he mocked and smiled.

The tall man, like the plastic girl. Her boyfriend was not amused with his open offer.
‘You are pushing it man!’, The boyfriend grit his teeth and formed a fist with his hand.
‘Sure I am, but blame it on your sexy girlfriend!’, Maan blow a kiss to the girl who stood behind her boyfriend with her plastic boob high as possible. Licking her lower lips for more maan’s attention.
‘I will wait for you outside baby!’ maan winked and walked out of the club and waited in his lamborghini.

The girl inside broke up with her boyfriend and walked out to maan.

Jearsy laughed at the scene and walked out, staring at maan and the girl who stood against the car making out.

The night jearmy was not looking forward to his wife and kids… Ugh! Soon as he walked on the nonstop blabbing started before he fainted.




part 1

Part 1A
hay, this FF is in chapter and each chapter divided in to few parts depending on how long each chapter is. 🙂 enjoy please comment

I looked at my dad as he slammed his body to the floor and my mum stood there nodding her head in disbelieve.
‘can you believe this man? I am fed up. I can’t take this any more.!’ my mum walked in with agitation and anger clearly visible on her face.

God knows how many nights she had to endure such scene in there 25 years old relationship but the one thing always strikes me how my lovely mum managed to be stuck with this selfish, disgusting and alcoholic man.

‘come and help me drew!’ I Yale at my 7 years old brother, my sister Jessi 19 flowed.

‘what happen?’ Jessi looked least bothered.

‘drunk! What do you expect?’

I was getting fed up with all this. There was new story every night and I couldn’t bare my mum to endure this pain. She went threw this man for 25 years for sake of us. Now I am 21 and well educated and can easily afford a good life for her.

‘Di, I can’t leave mum with this man. We will be leaving tomorrow for university. Do you really think its going to be alright?’

Jessy worriedly looked at me as we placed him on the bed. ‘I don’t know. Just one more year, until my degree finish, I am sure mum will clear something out.

As we both walked out in silent my brother ran in to his room, sobbing as it was his birthday, and mum stormed out for some fresh air.

I burst my hair back in disbelieves. ‘we are not living far. Only other side of  the New York!’

Me an my sister moved out By using university as our excuse from this father drama. He was alcoholic and a player. God knows how many time he cheated on our mother, and my mum being a good mum, she never complained for the sake of us but I could see the pain in her eyes. Pain of love, pain of betrayals and most importantly, the fairness that a women should get from there husband, she have never been lucky.

I have to be back home for good next year, and this is the last thing I want to see when I come home , my dad’s drama.


Next morning me and my sister we’re ready to leave, my mum with tears looked at us. Requesting not to go.
‘if He hits you mum… ring us straight way’ jessy hugged mum.
‘and if it gets wars,’ I looked at her worriedly, ‘call the police straight way!’

We both hugged her before saying the last good buy. ‘geet look after jessy. You know she can be little messy and I will bring food when ever I can. Make sure you eat them on time!’
My mum spoke worriedly and looked at me, giving me all the responsibility.

I smiled, took my bag from the side before walking off. Dad was still sleeping and drew no where to be seen. What a brother! Can’t even say a last goodbye!


I walked in to the apartment that me and my sister rented. Of course I pay for it. She just makes her self comfortable.
‘feel home sweetie! Just make sure you clean your cloths this time.’ I threw my pillow at her face. We felt relived to be way from home, like all my pain and sorrow instantly disappeared.

Me and jessy always try to hide our pain, we cover it with thick layer of makeup so no one would ever suspect that we are inside, Crashed, broken, unwanted.

I looked at jessy sadly who came by and hugged me tight as we wimped under the busy street of New York.


I woke up with the alarm. I rubbed my eyes and looked at the clock. 7.00 am! I jumped up. OMG! Who changed the alarm? I screamed at my sister who was sleeping peacefully!

‘my lecture start and 8!’

‘you bitch! My at 7.00!’

I screamed and rushed out of the bed and ran to my small bathroom which had barely enough space. ‘OMG jessy what the hell have you done?’ I screamed. I quickly got ready, grabbed my long, big handbag and nearly walked out before screaming at my sister. ‘REMEMBER! No dating, no looking at boys and NO sleeping with them! And be home by 7.00! Otherwise you going back home!’

Jessy lazily waved her hand, indicating is all good and I ran out!

I walked out of my apartment and waved for a cab. The bus can go to hell today thanks to Jessy’

I sneaked in to the lecture sitting next to Arnav who gave me a glare of where were you. He was a geeky boy. Highly rich and a perfect family and he happened to be my dads friends son. I smiled. Lucky he was geeky unlike his dad who probably exactly like my dad. Drunk every other day, only one thing is different his mum the same, hence perfectly family. She probably sleeps with his sons friend! Sick! I want to get out of here.

‘how are you arnav?’ I smiled. ‘have I missed much?’ I looked at the teacher who was standing, somewhere taking in microphone, I could barely see him amongst 200 students.

‘no you haven’t! Don’t worry. He was going through last weeks work!’ he sniffed.

I gave out a disgusting look. ‘clean your nose please!’ yak!

I sat there for 3 hours next to arnav, listening to his rubbish how his mum wanted James to come around and she think he is a perfect boy… Etc! But poor boy, does he realize in reality this James were sleeping with his mum. I looked at him from the side. A spoil brat, will sleep with anyone for money… Oh not to forget his so called 5 friends. Girls of course, see them in club every night, with different man. I wonder sometime how the hell they get time to study?, do they even do study? How did they pass there last 2 years exam?

Ehh, I completely forgot that I have to help my friend today. Bitch, dragged me there! Well good pocket money until I finish my degree and have my full time official job at the finance new York world. I bet I will do well.

I jerked up soon as the lecture finished and before arnav could say goodbye I ran out. I felt bad for him, poor fellow, well we can say we are in same boat.

I called jessy to make sure she was perfectly alright. ‘i left you 30 buc, make sure you have a good lunch!’ I smile and. Hanged up. I was like a mother to her and she would flow every dam thing otherwise I will be like my dad. Slapping her across the face. I can not bare to see her ruining her life, she have bright future, she deserve a nice job and a nice family, with a loving husband which I will chose. He have to go through me, not my mum or dad. Me! And she knew that very well.



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2 responses to “Part 1

  1. maneetlover2013

    July 2, 2013 at 12:09 pm

    Nyc start….
    Troubled family….
    Maan also seems like a spoilt brat….

  2. ushankitvc

    July 2, 2013 at 1:01 pm

    nice start…family probs…oops maan is a casanova…continue sooon…


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