part 1B

01 Jul
Part 1B
hay, this FF is in chapter and each chapter divided in to few parts depending on how long each chapter is. 🙂 enjoy please comment

Part 1B

I didn’t go back to my apartment, as I had to be at the club sharp 8.00pm. I walked in as I saw my best friend Khushi. I hugged her and put on my black top and short skirt just up to my knee with a apron with a logo the I controlled Club! What a random name I always thought.

It wasn’t until 9 when this clubs get busy with rich filthy spoiled business tycoon. They were absolutely amazing and gorgeously hot looking, I won’t deny that however, they all are player and nun deserves a good girl like me otherwise before I know it, I would be at my mums place. Enduring some dick for the sake of kids!

Me and khushi exchanged few words and shared how was our weekend.

‘any trouble?’ she asked as we both started to get prepare for the busy customer.

‘yes, drunk again! Do you know what, sometime I wish he dies of some liver disease!’ I looked at the bear stand disgustingly as I spoke about my dad.

‘ouch!’ a man instantly made me and Khusi jump as we did not notice when he took his seats on the high chair.

I looked up, he was tall, with dark black hair and light skin. His eyes were sky blue amazing looking. Gorgeous. Hot. Anything you name it… he was that one. He took his Gucci wallet and brought out 200 dollar! Rich to. ‘bottle of whiskey please!’

‘That must be awful you talking about someone like that!’ he smirked from corner of his face.

‘I am sure you will to with this much drink!’ I handed him a glass of whiskey, and left the open bottle at the side.

I ignored his glare which clearly was saying I want to lay you down. I looked at khushi with anger… Seriously, you couldn’t get me any other job!?

Few other waiter walked in, well, they were expert at reading eyes, they will easily give him one or two.

As the evening started to get busy, the club started to appear at its usual look. Hot exhausted business men, walked in to look for some stress relief. That means sex! I ignored all the hungry men’s eyes and always stayed at the other side of the bar.
‘just think 20 dollar an hour for working here! Nothing els geet. 20 dollar! + tips which was more than the pay.’

‘think about the pay geet! Pay!’ khushi walked by with a smile as my boss rob walked in. Who was saying the same. ‘money geet money!’

They all knew how much I hated this job but I am here just for the money as less hours and pays for my rent and food, which my mum brings most of the time.

Ron stood next to me, serving everyone, ‘I just realize geet, since you came, my club price went up!’
‘ha ha, very funny rob!’
‘it’s true babe! Look all this men looks for someone who have not been touched! I mean they have money and any plastic girl would walk in to there pants but, not a real girl… So they will do anything to get one!, so you see, they know you have not entered any closet with anyone, so here you go!’ he and khushi laughed as most waitress was busy wooing some men.
I looked at the s**tty girl, screaming my head. Do they have any dignity? For god sake, they are women! ‘truly! Rob! Disgusting!’

‘ok girls!’ the chef from the back scream. Order number 48, ready!’
I looked at khushi as it was the last thing I wanted was get out of my little safety place and than some Idiot man trying to grab my ass!
Khushi pleadingly looked at me as other were busy serving! I rolled my eyes and took the order, it was upstairs! Great…

The dance floor was crowded and as I about to go to the table, one of the men stood there with 2 girls having heated arguments. I laughed. It looks like the man is in trouble, two girls at once! OMG that’s disgusting, and before my imagination could get any further one of the girl came across and slapped him hard, while other tried to sooth.

The girl stormed out, as I walked close.

‘common calm down baby. She was a bitch! You know that!’

I couldn’t help to hide my laugh as I laughed and placed the food on there table. He looked at me with anger but his red face, I just couldn’t hold it any longer as I tried to turn around but gosh that man had some anger issuer.

‘what the f**k are you smirking at? You bitch!’
I looked at him with a shock. He just did not call me a bitch!
‘shut up you bus****. Look who is talking, I eye him up and down. You little son of a bitch, controls your dick fast and than call someone bitch!’
The plastic girl looked at me in shock and the man was in rage to slap me. I tighten my fist, if he does anything like that I will indeed punch him hard.

‘you wh**e, do you know who you are talking to?’ the man claimed.

‘yes, the rubbish from a bin!’ he was sure pissing me off. He clearly stank of alcohol.

‘how dare you?’ he made a fist and were to punch me before two bouncer came up and held him tight.

‘take him out, he was misbehaving!’ I told the bouncer and before I knew I flowed the bouncer and watched how he and his shitty little girlfriend were thrown out.

‘you crazy bitch!’ the girl screamed back as she tried to help him up. A limo’s window scrolled down, the driver looked at me, it was almost a thank you and helped him to get in.

I looked at the clock it was 2 am! Seriously!

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  1. ushankitvc

    July 2, 2013 at 1:04 pm

    awesum….geet works in a bar…loved it….


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