Part 2

01 Jul
Part 2
hay, this FF is in chapter and each chapter divided in to few parts depending on how long each chapter is. 🙂 enjoy please comment

I walked in to my apartment and was straight to bed. I woke up at 12 noon and looked at the clock and than my phone. It was arnav, telling me if I was interested to come to the library. I have so much study to do. I looked at my sister who was busy with her study.
‘gosh I met this asshole yesterday, I lazily spoke while I walked in to the bathroom to have cold shower. I let the water do its magic to wake me up from this throbbing headache I had because of that idiot.’

As I walked out my sister looked at me, ‘what happen next?’

‘we had little arguments than bouncer threw him out. Seriously I hate rich people! He probably some CEO of some famous business or many!’ I spoke.

‘I have to go to the library. See you soon. I got good tips yesterday, nearly 1000 dollar!’

My sister looked least interested, as she hide her self in the book…


I walked in to the library and there was no one their except arnav. I smiled and sat opposite of him.

We studied until 6pm and than he asked me if I mind coming to a house party with him. He asked me few times before but I said no! Knowing dad will be there too, but he had pleading eyes and something told me he found about his mum. So I accepted.

I put on one of my red dress and black shoe with light makeup, yet still looking pretty. That’s what jessy told me. Arnav picked me up sharp at 9, and we walked in to the 40 million dollers worth bungalow. I am not sure how my dad is friend with this filth. I used to come often when I was young, but not any more as there family disgust me, more than my dad.

The house was filled with alcohol and rich who was trying put a show and amongst them I saw the man I threw out. I looked at him as he stared at me across the vast hall. Oh oh…
All I was hoping he wouldn’t remember me that I kicked him out in front of everyone.

I looked at him as he reached towards me, oh god, if  he shouts at me again, I will shout back. Who gives Dam about him. He walked towards me and arnav smiling! What they knew one another, this sick man! Probably sleeping with his mum! Ehh that’s disgusting.

‘hay maan!’ he smiled as they shook hand. He had a charming smile, with light brown eyes, and Armani tuxedo. Looking dashing in another word.

He looked at me and than back at arnav and than back at me again. All I was hoping he did not recognize me at all.

‘have I met you before?’ he questioned.
Arnav looked at me almost accusing, he obviously knew what type of men he was.

‘are you sure maan!’ arnav asked maan. She is my friend, well we have been friend since age 1!’ arnav looked at me with surprise as we never have a thought that we were childhood friend.
‘do you know maan?’ arnav looked at me as I stood there little taken back at thinking how good his memory was as he was out of his mind when we threw him out. ‘he is the CEO of the khurana empire! You know the multibillion-dollar business dad always talk about!’
I forcefully smiled as I looked at him and his cocky face. Fool of him self. He was expecting a yes but i ruined it.

‘no! I never have. Not into business! You know that arnav!’ I punched him playfully as maan looked at me with irritation.

‘you must have hard about me, I mean who does not know me.’ he angrily spoke.

‘you are very full of your self aren’t you Mr Khruna. Well knock knock welcome to the reality not everyone knows you!’
I gave a annoying glare and walked off pulling arnav. ‘where is your mum, I want to say hello!’ I smiled as I could see maan’s glare at me. ‘is he one of the bed buddy of your mum?’ arnav wasn’t amused but he gave out a gentle laugh as we both glared at him disgustingly and walked off In to the crowed. I could see his annoying glare but I ignored.

I walked up-stare and saw one of the most shocking thing as I pushed the door open of arnavs mum. I pushed my hand over my mouth and pushed arnav out before he could see what was going on. He looked at me with surprised.

‘mum is in there!’ arnav spoke confusingly.

I was confused at what to say or how to put my words in to a sentence. ‘let’s just say we will come later!’ I pulled arnav along with me as he flowed like a good child.

That was sick, that was disgusting, who would sleep with your own sons friend. What the hell James thinking sleeping with 50 years old women, although she looked well young, in her early 40. It reminded me of the rich people’s plastic surgery. I am glad my dad never reached that top however arnavs dad who is my dads childhood friend have ruined him. My mum was an asshole to fall for idiot like my dad, however I would never say they are there for love, they are there only for sake of us.

‘are you ok?’ I asked arnav with comforting tone.
‘yea!’ he sadly spoke.
‘when did you find out?’ I questioned and he knew what I was asking.
‘last night, when dad was out and I knocked on my mums door and found out her with James!’ he felt disgust.

We both took our sit in front of the bar and just realized this plastic, fake and disgusting world wasn’t for us at all. We don’t belong here.

‘cheers to the weirdness and not fitting in!’ we both laughed with pain as I saw my dad with arnavs dad, talking enjoying while my mum was home… Alone, lonely…

I sadly smiled and looked way. ‘we both born at the wrong place. I think god misplaced us!’ we laughed again when mr khurana walked in without a invitation . ‘may I?’

I truly did not know him If I be honest and I did not know any of the billionaires. I knew the name of company as I see them on the new York street but no clue who is the CEO! And neither I want to boast that I am friend with some. I rather stay poor.

‘umm…’ I looked at arnav.
‘sure man!’

‘common arnav, is time to spend that money of yours! You need to man up!’ he smiled at arnav as he took seep of vodka. I was not amused at that talk.
‘I know some good girl who can!’ before he could continue I distracted.
‘you mean good wh**e?’ I pointed my eye brow up and looked at his smirk. He was almost waiting for me to but in.
‘that’s right!’ he pointed the drink, but I won’t call them wh**e! They are my stress relief.

I felt sick at his words and gave out a look he probably never got one from any girl but something was telling me he was enjoying my pice of mind.

He looked at me like he was barely effected, that made me smirk.

‘not everyone is like you mr khurana and your wh**e.’ I smiled, ‘you can take your pant off where ever you let that be 60 years old grandma!’
Oh that word felt sick but he was pissing me off. I jumped off the bar and kissed arnav on the cheek. ‘thank you for the Lovely evening. I have to go!’ I looked at maan and emphasized lovely. I took my purse from the side and looked at arnav back. ‘don’t be a dick like your mum and dad!’ I gave another annoying glare at maan and left.


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3 responses to “Part 2

  1. Huma Hashim

    July 1, 2013 at 11:53 am

    just loved it dear
    tnx 4 da update

  2. Indiegirl

    July 1, 2013 at 9:57 pm

    Loved it…

  3. ushankitvc

    July 2, 2013 at 1:08 pm

    OMG!!!poor arnav facing such things…geet and arshi having poor family backgrounds…continue sooon…


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