Part 3A

01 Jul
Part 3A
hay, this FF is in chapter and each chapter divided in to few parts depending on how long each chapter is. 🙂 enjoy please comment

Few weeks passed as I have last encountered mr khurana, I was glad. I have never met one of those millionaire closely, until maan, and never to met him again. Closely at-least.

I walked in with a smile, hugging khushi, and was ready for the busy day but my eyes annoyingly looked at the handsome man who walked in and looked straight at me. I could see he was not surprised and shocked and to be honest I cared least if he knew I was the reason why he was kicked out. Surprisingly he had no of his usual girls.

‘may I help you’ tony asked, another waitress. She wore see through cloths and anyone’s eyes only feel on her boobs.

‘no baby, maybe next time!’ maan smiled as he looked at me. Something told me, he only came here because I was there.

I looked at khushi and whispered, ‘hope he have STD!’ the man who heard me other day taking about my dad being dead, looked at me again amusingly. He was coming here allot. And now I have Mr khurana!

Khushi laughed.

‘yes sir, how can I help!’ he looked at my casual dress up and down.
‘sex!’ he winked.
I felt like throwing the bottle at his face. I think he got that impression. And smiled back.
‘sexy, you are not looking sexy as all the other!’

Khushi giggled next to me as mr khurana continued. ‘may I have the pleasure to dance!’

I couldn’t believe he had the gut to ask me for dance. I felt like punching him hard, but ignored my anger.

‘I am sorry mr stranger. Do I know you?’ I looked at the next customer, I could see from his face that he was offended that I rejected the offer. All my staff knew I threw him out of the club weeks back and here he is back again.

‘I am not done yet! Excuse me!’ he pushed my customer out and stood in front of me. I could here all the waitress taking with jealousy and annoyed and surprised how I can reject the maan. The khurana.

‘what drinks can I get you?’ I asked again, this time plightly.

He brought out his wallet and took out bundle of money and than threw the card on the table. He sat on the high tool, in front of me and demanded, ‘serve me until I say enough!’ he was demanding and I did not like that look. He looked at Ron who came from behind wondering what’s going on.
another man came by and stood at the back of mr khurana, an elderly man. The man who picked him up when I threw him out. He gave maan another bundle of money and maan threw that to rob.
‘she will be serving me only!’

I looked at him as rob came by who was annoyed with this spoil brat. Rob was understanding which was nice, but I stopped him, which brought a smile on maan’s face.
‘let it be rob! It’s a customer!’

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  1. ushankitvc

    July 2, 2013 at 1:11 pm

    awesum one…loved maneets attitudes towards each other…continue sooon….


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