Part 3B

01 Jul
Part 3B
hay, this FF is in chapter and each chapter divided in to few parts depending on how long each chapter is. 🙂 enjoy please comment

I didn’t move my eyes from him as i glared in to his disgusting soul. I couldn’t ignore the thought he was good looking to. Why all the asshole have to be good looking?
I was so angry that I mixed one of the most disgusting drink together and threw it back and he drank it without any complain. I looked at him with shock and surprise, for fast few minute we only had few words…

nice drink!’ he spoke while took seep now and than. He did not look at any girl except stare at me through out the evening which bothered me. I didn’t like his look. I was not sure why but his light brown eyes were different. Different than any other I have ever encountered but I couldn’t look way as the stare became  a competition. Like he wanted me to stare at him and do nothing in this busy club.

Everyone looked at us strangely, I was not sure the reason but I did not want to find out why either…

I am surprised you drinking this!’ I told him with little concern.
‘trust me baby, I will make you pay big time for this!’ he gritted his teeth as he drank, and he was almost there, getting in to the zone but he still kept a straight face and looked at me.
you called it out to your self!’ I smiled as I added vodka with many other which looked awful!, I wonder how the hell is he drinking this.
khushi!’ I called as I looked at him. ‘do you have Poisson I wanted to add to the next!’
He widen his eyes at my bluntness.
‘yes, I have rat Poisson!’

Khushi really brought one and I seriously popped it in his drink.
He shockingly looked at me, anyone barely noticed except me and khushi and mr khurana.
‘it was an accident!… Opps!’

He stared at me as he took the glass and I dared him to drink. Something was running throw his face, an anger, eruption that will emerge any moment, I could feel he will throw the drink but instead he took the glass and just about to drink when someone called me from the back and that made me move my eyes from his and he won. He drooped the glass on the counter as it broke.
I win… Miss Handa!’ I looked back with a shock and than back at the waiter who called me. I was so irritated, because it was his so called wh**e.
‘so you are not that brave I see! I annoyingly spoke. ‘you have fear as that was the proof. You cheat to win.’
no!’ he exclaimed, the anger vanished. ‘this is call using your brain, and don’t worry I don’t mind drinking the sleeping pill!’

I looked at him annoyingly. ‘combination of alcohol and sleeping pill… Poisson to!’ I snapped. ‘I am done and my shift ended, have a good night!’

I walked off with anger and that smirk on his face irritated me the most.

I walked out of the back door at 2am. Now where will I look for a cab other than walking for 20 minutes, it was too late, usually uncle sam would drop me. I sighed. I can not wait for a propped job. I deserve it. I pulled my shoulder bag and hugged my coat little. The January cold have started to touch my bone… I always loved the cold wind compare to the summer so I can snuggle up on my bed. My little moment did not go far in my dream land as Mr khurana started to join me. I nearly jumped as his shoulder touched mine.

I don’t think we have not met properly!‘ he looked at me with little smile which was annoying.
‘I don’t want to mr khurana!’ I walked up along the empty street as he flowed me.
why are you flowing me mr khurana? Don’t you have your stress relief?’
no… Not today, like I said, we did not met properly yet. I am Maan khurana.’ he stopped on my path and looked extremely drank yet still have sense. I can’t believe he was still standing there after how much disgusting drink I gave him.
I took a shy breath knowing he was not leaving me. He was stubborn but I had my point to. ‘look Mr khurana if you really think I will sleep with you than forget it. I won’t even in million years. I rather die, or go and merry some blind man than you. You have sicken me with your disgusting attitude, I have no interest in you. So please leave me alone, I am tired and not a millionaire like you, I have to work for living and I have early day tomorrow, so please. Excuse me!’ I finished in my tirade voice and he genuinely looked at me like he was worried. Faker! Idiot.
‘I can drop you home…‘ he said softly. I was surprised he did not argue back or came up with something idiotic.

I gave him a glare and said ‘no thank you., I am close!’

I slid my body side way and walked way from there, leaving him standing alone.


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4 responses to “Part 3B

  1. Indiegirl

    July 1, 2013 at 10:04 pm

    Loved all of it so far…please update soooooooon

  2. kavi5873

    July 2, 2013 at 1:28 am

    oh poor maan………. very funny………

  3. ushankitvc

    July 2, 2013 at 1:14 pm


  4. idunno2

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    Reblogged this on ubhagani and commented:
    i love this ff update soon


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