Part 4

03 Jul

Part 4

I woke up slowly from my warm bed. I remembered what I did to mr khurana and made him drink so many disgusting drinks. I rubbed my eyes and looked at my sister bed, she must have left already. I sighed as I got up and got ready. I really need to visit the library regarding this weeks work I need to submit in university. As I walked down and called a cab but instead Mr khurana drove In with his limo and scrolled the window down.

‘I was driving by and saw you, can I drop you somewhere?’

I did not like his offer. To be honest I did want to go as it would save my money but I felt no different than those plastic girls who would step in before asking.
‘no thank you mr khurana. I am good!’ I smiled and continued waving for a cab to stop.

He walked out annoyingly and stood in front of me. For the fast time I realized, he was tall, very tall compare to me as I looked up at his face. His body was toned even after wearing the suit.
‘look, if you think coming with me will make you look like a wh**e than let me tell you one thing I don’t look around for girls on the street and I will defiantly will not ask a walking past girl and ask if i can help.’ he looked pissed as I could see he read my head. Crazy I thought.

I gave out a forceful smile, ‘than don’t!’ I honestly answered.

He looked at me angrily and I wondered what was in his mind. ‘I am asking you one more time. Are you coming or not?’ he was mad and angry and I was confused. He was trying to put some sort of right on me.

I gave him a strange glare like do I know you? And walked in to the cab which stopped behind his limo. I couldn’t think what went through his head to talk to me like that. I am not his girl and never will be. I watched him as my taxi drove way, he was surprised and shocked, he looked at me as I completely ignored and walked way.

I walked in to the library with the thought of mr khurana, he was pissing me off and won’t leav me alone. I walked in to a nearby desk and opened my fat book to make some note. Mr khurana word was running in my head like hell and his tone body, musclemen face, specially when he was angry! I couldn’t stop and that annoyed me. He was a player like my own dad, he was disgusting and sick, he would be the last person I probably want to get close to. I sighed as I concentrated on my study.

Next few weeks I did not see Mr khurana at all. I liked that idea and I was so happy. I did not want to see him at all. I did all my usual staff and only now and than I visited my mum.

I did not encounter Him in the club, maybe he started to visit another club, few.

‘I have not seen mr khurana lately, khushi spoke in little surprised…’
I was least bothered, ‘so!… Good, who cares!’ we both drooped the subject as khushi again asked about my family and I again said I wish my dad was dead.

The strange man who is visiting the club mostly every other day I worked, was absent to. I think I have given them my answer, which is a BIG FAT NO!

Another week have passed. I had very tiring day with study, I seriously require some body message or spa maybe to make my self wake again I thought. It was 11 PM, extremely late. I looked at the quit new York street only few expensive car running around, I sighed at the thought I tell my sister be home by 7 and here I am 11 and still out. I never get scared however tonight I felt odd as I saw few drunk men at the far side of the street laughing and drinking and heading towards my direction.

I knew instantly it wasn’t good idea to stay any longer and I need to run. I did not look back at them twice but I can sense they saw me. I fumble and walked fast as possible and than ran fast as I could with my bag. My heart started to beat rapidly, and I could feel I have called trouble. A lonely girl at new York, it was not safe, the least I cared, but today it was not a good day and I am late. At least in the club I am not that far however I am 1 hour way from my apartment. I looked at the empty road for a cab but In my luck there was nun and the group of boys were heading towards me.
I could here them from far, screaming me to stop. ‘hay sexy wait! Babe… Wait… Where are you going?’

My heart started to beat even faster than normal for a brief moment I thought I was a goner. This is it. End of my life, but just than Mr khuranas limo appeared of no where and stopped right in front of me. I nearly jumped in front of it and nearly got my self killed, but instead my reflex pulled me out  of the road and I banged my head on the side of some wall. It instantly wouldn’t stop bleeding.

Maan jumped out yelling… ‘Are you crazy?’ he looked at my bleeding forehead. it looked like he was genuinely pissed. ‘what the hell are you doing out here at this time of the night? And you don’t even have work today.’ he scream and than turned around to look at the group of boys who was walking towards us.
I was shaking in fear, I wouldn’t deny that. He looked at me top to bottom in my skinny jeans and strapless top with a thin jacket.
‘what the hell are you wearing? It’s freezing!’
I wasn’t sure if any of his word was going in my ear, as I hold my head to stop the pain and bleed but than I felt something hit me hard and before I knew I felt everything blurry and looked for maan for support.

I woke up, and can see the morning sunlight penetrating through the closed curtain. I rubbed my head and than looked up to see where I was. It was not my bed room but… I sat up as I saw bravery glow along the wall, business tycoon, successful man of of the year, business brat. I instantly looked at my cloths, few I was still on my cloth and than slowly touches my forehead, it was bandaged, however I still had little pain.

I rolled off the bed and stood up.

‘oh you up, a warm kind voice greeted me. I instantly jumped, it was a female voice, and my head started to spin, I felt little dizzy and were about to land on the floor before someone caught me.
I clutched in to his cotton shirt while his hand swiftly went around my waist.
‘you are still in pain, you shouldn’t have move!’ he spoke softly. I looked up and it was no other than maan. Great.

He helped me to sit down while an elderly lady came to me with hot drinks.

‘drink this, you will feel good!’
‘this is my maid, Tory, and TAO this is geet!’
‘what a sweet name!’ she smiled.

I barely could speak as I tried to stand up again. ‘I have to go home. My sister will be worried and what time is it?’ I looked around for a clock… ‘my bag?’

Maan looked at me like I was psycho. To be honest I was, I could barely stand and I was taking about leaving.
‘geet, you can’t go. Doctor advised you to be in bed and rest for at-least 2 days!’
‘no no…’ I snapped instantly.

I tried to stand up again but maan pushed me down. ‘look, I am not sure what are you thinking and don’t worry no one will think you are wh**e, as no ever girl have walked out of my house in morning. They usually leave by night.’
I gave out a strange glare along with Troy.
He looked at me and Troy, little ashamed with his choice of words.

I was not thinking about that at all, I was genuinely worried about jessy.
I scanned the room for my bag which was on one of the marble table on the side, I pushed him off without another word and went towards my bag. I picked it up and randomly looked for exit and when I left his bedroom in my luck, it was huge and I was unsure where was the exit. There was a lift at the side as you walk down the marble stare to the huge living room.
The living room was decorated with leather sofa at the centre and than the kitchen far end, which can be seen through the big oval windows. It was beautiful, just Superb, and his bedroom was big as my apartment, I wonder how many apartment you can fit in here.

I looked back at maan who stood behind me angry. ‘I have told you, you need rest!’ he screamed.
‘where is your exit?’ I innocently looked at him. ‘I can’t see any!’ I held the side of the stair. ‘what medication did doctor gave me? Why I feel so drowsy?’
I asked in worry.

‘it was for your own good, you need to sleep!’

He held me from the side and took me back to the bedroom. ‘I have called your sister and she is fine. She have left for university and promised to be back by 7!’

I hated how he knew so much about me. How he managed to find that out. It’s only my and my sister thing! And what is morning already? How long I was sleep for?
‘I want to go home!’ I stubbornly like a child complained. I can see Tory and her amusing face, like she was pleased to see me. What the hell, do I even know them?

I felt flat on his bed again, it felt so inviting and so warm and cuddly. To much comfort…

I was not sure how long I have been sleeping. 2 hours! 3 hours!! But the sun was no longer penetrating through the curtain and I could here my sister vaguely taking with maan. I slowly sat up and looked around, the room was empty. I felt much better and control of my self than what I experienced last time. The drug must have lost its effect. How long I was sleep for? I rolled off and took my bag from the side, and walked out of the bedroom.

‘di!’ jessy instantly screamed and came up the stair skipping two at a time. ‘how are you feeling?’ she worriedly asked. She wore her usual, actually like me, skinny jeans and a lose top.
‘fine!’ I spoke confusingly. ‘much better than before!’ I forcefully smiled.
‘we have to thank mr khurana, thank god you are alright, if it wasn’t for him, I can’t even imagine what would have happened. I have told you come home by 8, or you should have told uncle Sam, he could have picked you up, do you know how worried I was?’

She wouldn’t shut up, and that was giving me headache. I looked at maan who was standing at the bottom of the stair, with little concern. He guessed I am not much of a taker or provide explanation to any one.

‘can we just get out of here?’ I told her in a irritating voice.

Maans presence was bothering me and I did not like my sister to met up with such man, who if can probably planing to lay both of us. Disgusting, I looked way in disgust, the thought made my stomach inside out, and I felt like puking.

‘let’s go!’ I walked down the stair and pulled jessy with me.

‘at-least say thank you!’ I ignored jessy. Maan like him probably trying to get sympathy, nothing more or less so my heart melts… Etc!

‘I am sorry mr khurana.’ jessy looked back as we walked. ‘she is very thank full!’

I looked around for exit again. What the hell, it’s this a prison or something? There was no exit, I looked at random direction, than pressed the lift! Was it correct?
My sister stared at me like what’s wrong with you?
The lift door open and I took a shy relief as I entered and pressed the ground floor, it wasn’t long until I realized I was at the 20th floor. It was a pent house and when I stepped outside It didn’t shock me but I was at one of the most expensive area of New York! Great… Now where is the cab?

‘just wait my driver will drop you two!’
I looked back at mr khurana who stood behind us, hand in his pocket and just cool about everything.
‘we can make our way home alone!’ I snapped at his voice.
Jessy pushed me to put my tone down and looked at maan apologetically.
‘we are cool!’

I waved my hand at cab but instead a limo stopped and it was the same man who handed the money in club other night.

‘hello mam!’ he came out and opened the door of the limo in hurry.

I looked back at mr khurana and repeated ‘I don’t need your help. I am fine!’
He was not amused and came close. My sister backed way little.
He stood few inches from me and looked down, ‘you were not fine yesterday, we’re you? Let’s put the fact, if I was not there on time you would been gang raped and thrown in to near by rubbish and before you could say I don’t need your help , your sister would been wearing white cloths and crying in your funeral!’ he grit the last few words through his teeth like it took allot of courage to push them out from between his tongue.

That was harsh. Extremely harsh. I looked back at his red angry eyes with no instant reply. He took my bag without my authority from my shoulder and popped it in the limo, the driver moved and he took the place. ‘please Miss Handa! IN!’ he almost screamed at me. I hated it, hated his gut and look. No matter how hot and sexy he was, he was still a Dic.

I did not say a word and did not look at him. I took my self and sat in his luxurious limo flowed by my sister.
He looked at me and closed the door.

Come to think of it how did he know my address!


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5 responses to “Part 4

  1. Sam

    July 11, 2013 at 8:13 am

    wow…awwsum stories…various sides of love and relations….awwsum concepts….i couldn’t find the ff seduction full parts…where is the story..can u provide the link?..and another ff Heartbeat 2!!…i couldn’t find it too…thanks

  2. chnawal

    March 3, 2014 at 2:35 pm

    hello dear !!! i want to read ff seduction unedited….. plzzzz give its link…..

  3. anamikasb

    June 8, 2015 at 5:43 am

    Baby plz repost your MG ffs I can’t find full stories anywhere as IF versions are edited & previous blog is deleted !😣

  4. lovelypriyanka21

    November 19, 2015 at 11:36 am

    when u going update ur ff


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