Part 5

03 Jul

Part 5
Few days went through me coming out of the shock and that taught me not be late ever again. Even in club I would call uncle same to pick me up.

I walked in to the club, hugging khushi, than as usual taking my place. I have explained everything about the night I was very late. Usually arnav would have been there so he would drop me or uncle sam if it is very wars day.

‘did you even thank you Mr khurana? Or sorry after you feed him those disgusting drink?’ khushi informed.

‘no thanks, I don’t want to see him, he probably trying to get me in his bed by winning my sympathy.’ I spoke what was in my mind.

‘1 vodka please…’
I didn’t even look at him and knew that voice. I act as professional as possible, giving him vodka.
He could see my uncomfortable face and than those awkward moments between us.
‘how are you feeling now?’ he asked, it was nice calm voice, and for the fast time there was no sign of “I want you”.

I looked at him with little confusion, even his usual waitress was wondering why he was not with them in some cupboard.

I was not sure what to reply to that.

He did not look happy, and was annoyed, well that’s what I guessed from his facial expression. He stood up with the drink and walked off.

I starred at him through out the evening, he was back with some female. However now and than there was few exchange of eye lock between us from far distance of the bar. I wondered what I was doing as my eyes kept on falling on him through out the night. He made out with some female than disappeared for while than back again…. Sick I thought….

Seriously, this types of people…

As the shift ended at 3AM, uncle Sam couldn’t pick me up so I decided to walk. If I run and I go through my usual place along the main road, I can avoid all the trouble.

I shook my head, thinking that was the best idea.
But as I walked out through the back door, maan stood there against his car.
I looked at him and than walked off.
‘I am not sure what I have done wrong but seems like you hate me!’ he spoke while walking behind me.

‘why would I hate you?, I barely know you!’ I replied…

‘than why so much hatred glare?’ I could see him smirking from corner of my eyes.

‘that’s how I look at people to let them know that I am not interested!’ I honestly replied.

‘what makes you think I am interested in you?, he shoved his hand in his pocket and walked along with me.

‘Than why are you walking with me? At this time of hour? I don’t see any other reason- what so ever!’ I replied back quickly.

‘I am just worried about you that you might get your self in trouble again!’ he smiled and I looked at him.

I couldn’t reply back as he saved me other day, if it wasn’t for him, I surly would have been dead.

‘Thank you!’ I whispered, to all my worry I was little scared after that incident and was not planning to go home alone. Maybe soon as I finish university it’s best for me to quit this job.

Maan gave me a shocking glare with my thank you. ‘am I hearing right?’ he mocked.

I looked back at him angrily. I don’t like anyone mocking me. That’s the last thing.

‘well a thank you from my mouth to you is rare, so don’t get used to it!’ I snapped when I realized I nearly walked passed my house.

‘well you are safe home, and one thank you is enough for that!’ he winked as the limo stopped in front of my house. ‘have a good night miss Handa.’

I looked at him shockingly. Was he certain that I will not accept his offer of help, so instead he walked me home? What the!!

I looked at his limo as he drove Way, than stopped. I went in and peaked through the door, great he waited for me to be safe home.

I hated him, I hated his gut. I walked in my apartment, found my sister long sleep. I joined next.

Next morning I woke with a annoying headache. My sister left and it was 12 noon. I only had lecture on Monday and Tuesday, other day I was free, but I had hell of study to cover. I rang arnav and wondered if he was interested in joining me in to the library.

Arnav picked me up and we made our way, something bothered me about maan and as we were studying I questioned arnav.

‘how do you know mr khurana?’ he was surprised with my question, as in our 20 years old friendship I have never bothered asking about any of his father rich filthy friends.

‘through dad!’ he cooly replied yet wanting to know more as why I was interested in him. ‘why?’

‘no, I was just wondering. He saved my life, few days back!’ I smiled.

‘stay way from him.’ arnav instantly snapped. He is a player and have the wars reputation.

‘no! No! You getting me wrong. I am not interested in him at all. Just wondering! That’s it!’

I was sure my words were not convincing and like a good friend he was advising me to stay way. I understood that better than anyone, because my mum is an angel and my dad is a prik. So what more? Except one thing, that my dad is not filthy rich, he is retired, and they have house can feed well… So ok family except my dad is a prik.

‘are you busy this week?’


‘can you come to party! Home one…’

I accepted.


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2 responses to “Part 5

  1. Indiegirl

    July 3, 2013 at 1:03 pm

    Very nice updates, just love this ff…
    Keep updating soon, look forward to reading further….

  2. anamikasb

    December 28, 2014 at 12:54 pm

    Hi dear will u please update Seduction blog parts here as the previous blog is no longer there . I tried to find a homepage but all that got me to Chapter 6 of your FF . So posting it here .

    Thanks ❤


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