Part 6

03 Jul

The party was held in the raizada house, as usual everyone was there and with them maan. I looked at him across the hall, and this time he walked towards me like a goddess. Does he polish his sexiness or something? I forcefully smiled.

I wore a blue dress with red high hill and light makeup, like usual.

‘I am little surprised to see you here!’ he spoke out as he did a formal handshake with arnav.
‘why?’ I asked as I took a drink from the waitress.
‘I went to last 5 party of raijada and did not see you.’
I could see by his facial attitude that he was glad to see me.
‘were you looking for me?’ I pointed my eye brow up.
‘yes, of course, as I don’t get to see the real you in the club, just like you don’t see the real me!’ he winked which irritated me.
‘I don’t intend to Mr khurana. Just came along to give my friend company!’
‘I am sure you have…’ he took a seep of drink before arnavs mum joined.
‘hello handsome glad to see you!’ she stroked her hand over maans shoulder seductively and spoke in deep sexy voice. She wore A long satin red dress, that barely covered her Brest. I could see the embarrassment on arnavs face. I felt so sorry for him.

Maan looked uncomfortable with her hand on his shoulder, he gently held her hand and removed it from his shoulder. ‘I am really glad to see you to! Mam!’

He smiled and kissed her hand. ‘miss hands was just about to dance with me, if you excuse us!’ he lied.

I looked back at him with a annoying glare, I sure did not. He took my hand and pulled me close. I instantly had to let go arnavs hand and he was not amused.

‘oh that’s good!’ merry spoke. No matter what merry, arnavs mother may be, she always looked at me with daughter eyes. I gave out an uncomfortable smile, because it was really an awkward moment and merry did not look happy.

‘oh.. So..’ she clearly thought that we might be seeing one another.

‘is it that’s why you were asking about geet?’ merry looked innocently at maan, and than arnav.

Something was going on and I did not know about it, but it soon became clear when arnav spoke out.
‘oh, that’s why mum you requested geet to come?’

I understood instantly that for past 5 party maan was looking for me. I did not like that thought I gave maan a glare. He pulled his tie, to hide the embarrassment.

‘Shall we dance?’ maan suggested.

‘yes but before tell me why you have interest in geet?’ she took maan’s hand off me and came between us.

‘I am not interested in him. I broke mr khurana’s plan. I barely know him.’ I walk and came next to arnav.

‘babe,’ merry looked at me and arnav, ‘why don’t you two go and dance, I have very important talk with mr khurana.’

I looked at maan and his not pleased face. Every time arnav touched me, it ignited a fire and that was clearly visible on his face.

I stayed close to listen, yet barely hearable.. They were taking about something, Merry looked serious and maan looked angry. They kept looking at us.

I looked at arnav, ‘what do you think they were taking about?’

‘I am not sure!’ we both looked at them, with curiosity.

Maan left soon after as merry came close to us. He looked seriously pissed.

‘was everything alright?’ me and arnav stoped and I questioned.

‘yes, I just told him, that would he like to do any business deal and he did not agree! That’s all…’

I could say that was a lye. She was purely lying, neither me or arnav believed her, however I couldn’t care less as I was glad mr khurana was out of trail.

‘I hope you didn’t mind that maan walked off without dancing!’ merry spoke with little irritation yet with sympathy.

‘no, not at all, it’s perfectly alright!’ I smiled.

I was clearly unaware about the whole situation or what they might have spoken about, but liked the thought maan left and respected what ever merry had to offer.

Merry have known me since young and very good friend with my mum but one thing I did not understand what may be the reason for her what she is today. I remember when I was young, I never thought she would be a party animal, specially when she hated party.

As the evening went by, arnav dropped me off to my apartment.

I woke up with alarm, it was 12 noon. I have not encountered maan since the party. He did not visit club or popped out anywhere strangely.
I was not sure what might merry have told him, but whatever it was, it was pretty effective. I have tried so much to get rid off him and she only spoke few words and that was it. He disappeared.

I smiled as I sat on my lunch table. My sister walked in giving me weird look, like I was some type of freq.

‘are you alright?’ she looked at me as she helped her self some omelet and toast.

‘yea! Why?’ I asked as I took bite of my toast.
‘you were smiling by your self! So did any millionaire win your heart, specially after visiting some party with arnav.’
‘are you crazy, but come to think off it I have not met mr khurana for long time.’ I shook my head. ‘merry had few words and after that he stormed off.’

I was extremely happy.

‘must have, oh I forgot, I told my class mate that my sister knew Mr khurana, the head of the khuran. The CEO and arnav is our family friend!’ she spoke excitedly.
‘than?’ I spoke in full mouth.
‘no one believed me!’ she spoke sadly.

I burst out in laughter. ‘well that’s what happens when you trying to show off and beside they all have f**ked up family, I rather not boast. I like simple life babe. Now get arnav or maan out of your head.’

‘do maan like you?’

I looked at my sister annoyingly. ‘even if he does I have no interest and he can go to hell and why are you asking?’

‘no, I mean, you know when you were I’ll and were around his house, he rang me, and sounded genuinely worried. I mean I was worried and screamed at him over the phone because I was so worried and thought some stranger have … You know!… But he send his limo to pick me up and staff and told me to look after you and not to go out late, and if you are in trouble I should call him, he gave me his personal number to ring him and he will arrange something… Please don’t be mad, I have tried to tell you before but…!’

I looked at her with anger. I couldn’t believe my own sister would take his personal number. And what if…

I took my jacket and walked out along with her phone. I wanted to give mr khurana my pice of mind. My sister is innocent and naive, what if she falls for his trap, and who the hell is he? We don’t even know him enough.

I walked out, than back in, because I wanted to call him and speak but I also wanted my sister to here.

My sister just looked at me, as I walked in and out. I dialed his number and waited…

‘Hello…’ a female answered. That’s no surprise.
‘may I speak to Mr khurana please…’ I asked softly but before she could say anything, I could here maan.

‘how dare you touch my phone. Get out!’ his voice was disturbed.

‘what’s wrong with you maan? We.. Common…’ the girl replied.

‘Laura, get out. NOW!’

The voice nearly made me drop the phone. I was not sure what was happening. I was so in to the conversation that I forgot maan was saying, ‘hello…! Hello… Jessy… Is geet ok?’

My blood boiled further. I looked at my sister who knew well what happens when I am pissed.

‘this is geet!’ I replied. There was awkward silent between us.
‘yes geet?’
‘how dare you give your phone number to my sister?’ I came straight to the point.
‘How dare you? Do you even know us Mr khurana? Let’s get one thing straight, we are not your wh**e and we are neither interest in sleeping with you. You come from sick, disgusting world that we don’t belong to. Don’t you dare call my sister or even try to see her, other wise you have to deal with me.’

I cut the phone. I was so pissed, and to be honest I couldn’t stand him or his voice now that his eyes was on my sister. His disgusting eyes.

I looked at my sister and she knew how angry I was. I deleted his number. ‘this is the last warning, if I see or here anything about him, or anything comes to my ear, you will be out and back home.’
I snapped and walked out. I was so pissed, I was doubting that is it worth me going to the library? Ehh… No, I came back home, put my jogging cloths and walked out for a nice jog. I placed my two headphone in my ear and started to slowly jog. I was running for good 1 hour, when suddenly I realized I was outside of Mr khuranas flat and out of no where a car stopped sharp in front of me.
I jumped and came to standstill at my place. The busy new York street looked annoyingly at the car like me. But it was no other than mr khurana who walked out. Drunk? At 5pm? It’s not even Friday. What he is thinking. He looked at me, and his facial reaction told me, something just ignite inside him by seeing me. I tried to ignore him and was about to walk way when he came around and held me by my hand. Tightly, dragging me in.

Everyone starred at us for few second but soon ignored by the busy street. He left his car half on pavement and half on the road.

‘what the hell are you doing? Let go off me. Leave me alone.’ I tried to push him off, but he was too strong. He shoved me in to the lift and pressed number 20, his floor, the top floor.

‘what the hell are you doing?’ I repeated. His eyes were filled with anger, and my presence made it 30 times wars. I tried to remove his hand, but he pushed me against the lift wall, and held both of my arm, which was in pain.

‘shhh. Shut up.’

As the lift door open, the house was semi crowded, with 7- 8 people.
‘PARTY OVER! GET OUT!’ he screamed as his filthy friend left. House was on mess, but the servant was there to clean, he even ordered them to disappear.

I looked at him with my sweaty body.

As the whole living room became empty, he pushed me to the sofa.

‘you have no right to do such thing. I instantly stood up and were about to leave when he held me by my waist and pushed me back.

‘shut up. Shut UP. How dare you speak to me like that over the phone?’

I started to get scared with his words.

‘no one ever spoke to me like that. How dare you?’

He jerked me up and looked in to my eyes directly. I looked at other direction as I still can smell the alcohol.

‘what do you know about me? Nothing… Do you know what, at least I openly claim I sleep with people but my mind is not that low and sick like you, who would even think that because I offered some help he must have bad intention. Just because I thought you genuinely a good girl and I tried to do something in return, you think that’s because I want to-‘ he stopped like it was hard for him to say those words. ‘want to sleep with your- your sister?’ he pushed me back at the sofa, as I slammed my self and my hand. I instantly jerked with pain.
His eyes soften and instantly came close to me to hold the hand. I took it back.
‘I can’t believe you thought that. You sicken me geet… Get out.’
His last few words hit me hard… Somewhere my heart wanted to believe but my mind just did not want to. I picked my self and ran to the lift. I looked back once at him, as he looked back at me with his sickening face. I hated it, I hated his glare, and the look he gave me. Somewhere there was discomfort in my heart which I did not like.

I walked down, the car was gone and his limo stood there, waiting for me. The driver opened the door but I did not feel like going.

‘please mam, think as its my request not maan!’

I vaguely smiled and was unsure that if I could even make it home before dark. My knee was shaking.

‘thanks.’ I whispered.

‘did you say something to him this afternoon?’ I looked up with confusion. ‘I never saw him this mad before. He broke everything in his bedroom and even canceled and threw everyone out of the party which he planned for long time.

I was not sure what to say. ‘why would he be effected by my word?’

‘I think you know the answer!’

Whatever, I didn’t care even if I knew the answer. But I felt something when he told me those words.

As I walked out of the limo and head back to my flat, I did not say anything to my sister, I took a nice warm shower and went straight to bed.

The next morning I woke up late, my sister was still sleeping, the whole day I did nothing but kept quit and than to my work at club. I hugged khushi and she guessed I was miserable.

‘what happen?’
I kept quit until she asked me few times. ‘I gave pice of my mind, but obviously I feel bad now!’
I didn’t want to say what he did next, it would have been too much, than I obviously putting my self in this situation. I looked out for mr khurana, maybe to apologias, or I just was not sure for what.
He did not came… Few weeks have passed and still no sign of mr khurana. I was not sure what to do but that last look I couldn’t get it out of my head so I decided to confront with my sister.

We sat on our dinner table, and she tapped her finger with a look, you were obviously wrong.

‘I know! I feel guilty and I would like to say sorry… ‘

‘why don’t you go around his house! And Oh the number could have helped but noooooo… You had to delete it!’

I closed my eyes, and I guess that had to be it.


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  1. Indiegirl

    July 3, 2013 at 8:52 pm

    Loved it loved it loved it..
    Thanks for giving one more update, just loved it,,,,
    Will be waiting for the next one, update soon please….

  2. ushankitvc

    July 4, 2013 at 7:51 am

    awesumly fab..

  3. Anonymous

    July 4, 2013 at 8:00 pm

    fantastic awesome lovely updates

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    July 18, 2013 at 9:10 am

    waiting..waiting .waiting!.

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    August 11, 2013 at 4:45 pm

    awwwwwwesome updates.waiting 4 next…………..

  7. nadeemaan

    June 17, 2014 at 11:22 am

    Lovelyyyy update…um jus luvin ds story…..thumbs up dear

  8. anamikasb

    April 28, 2015 at 8:14 pm

    I miss your works on Maaneet if I may can I request u to write short stories 😥 so long you have been gone … do complete the works ❤ PLEASE

  9. sgurus

    December 6, 2015 at 6:52 pm

    its a wonderful story…

    hope u update it soon…

  10. Faria

    March 5, 2016 at 5:21 am

    Wonderful Story

  11. kshubhangi

    March 28, 2016 at 6:43 pm

    nice plot. I simply love the way you wrote


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