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Have you experienced… Felt the emotions… felt the regret… the torments…

When a man you love… Loves you back…
When a man that only believes in remorse…
And a man who mahsoos the pain…
This is a story of my life… Love… Pain… Hatred… & remorse…

Will Rishab Kundra will be the angel and love of my life, or is he another passing by stranger, knocking at my door at the wrong time?

ajeeb dasta part 39

ajeeb dasta part 39

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A week have passed by in hospital and madhu’s body might have showed some improvements. However her mind, her soul… Only showed signs of dead body. There was no hope in her eyes. There were no questions no answers… There was no conformation with god that why have they taken her life way? There was nothing.

RK avoided walking in to that hall for months. He just couldn’t show his face… Because in truth he couldn’t see madhu looking at him, thinking him as Abhay. Seeing those love filled eyes for abhay, he couldn’t stand. His morals did not allow him.

It was the day for her to go… RK to take her away, to India. Madhu stood up with the help of her crutch, smiling at Jearsy, sadly, forcefully. But she was equally shocked seeing her luggage by the door with raina.

‘my luggage? Are we going somewhere?’ raina looked at madhu with no guilt.

‘you are going madhu. Going to India. RK kindly have offered to help you to keep you away from all this!’ Madhu confusingly looked at her. What she was talking about?

“Excuse me?”

‘yes… This will help you and will help Jearsy too. She will stay with me at my house. Now don’t question me anymore madhu. This is my last decision!’

Jearsy instantly looked up,shockingly at her grandma. What is she thinking? What she is doing? She held her mums hand tighter.

‘what are you talking about?’ madhu question raina in anger.

‘what are you saying mum?’

‘yes that’s correct madhu. You have to go with RK to India. And leave us alone! Leave Jearsy alone!’

Madhu in shock, looked at her mother in law. Then she looked at RK fuming further with rage,and thought

“who the hell were they to decide what happens in her life… Who the hell are they to decide what she should do? And most importantly who the hell are they to decide about her daughters’ life?”

“who are you?” madhu frustratingly questioned rk. ‘who are you?’ she looks at RK with more irritating manner.

Madhu picked up her phone from the side that was given by trishna and called her in and her parents. Who fancy not to interfere with mrs raina’s decision. Trishna immediately walked in.

‘can you take my luggage back home. Make sure no “stranger” walks in!’ madhu looked at raina then RK. She limped forward with her Daughter. ‘who are you to decide to separate my daughter from me?’ madhu asked with red blood eyes looked at her mother in law. ‘don’t cross your limit mom because I will forget that you are my husband’s mother!
‘who are you to talk?’ raina looked angrily at madhu then came by to grab jearsy’s hand to pull her away, but madhu even in this pain, and sour body she held her daughter’s hand.

‘don’t you dare!’ ‘for you I have lost my son and my grandchild! You were never there when they needed you the most. It was always my son!’ Madhu furiously looked at raina this time. RK never saw her with this aggressive mode before. Her red blood eyes only showed the strong women she is.

‘how dare you?’ madhu instantly glares at raina and shouts ‘how dare you talk to me like that? How dare you? Who are you? I have lost my son! I have lost my husband … I have lost my unborn child!! How dare you accuse me? What do you know about a feeling of a mother when… when…. She stays up night after night for 6 years, just of her son… Night after night when he cries… 9 months he was in me! The pain of every movement… Then seeing my Angel face… How dare you say I have killed my own child?’ Madhu almost screamed at the end. Steeping way from raina and holding her daughter more close. “How dare you? when I know I can’t have my husband anymore when I need him the most. And remember Mrs Raichand.. Remember that it was me and my husband who went through all this moment if my husband had no complaint then…. how dare you? And who are you to say where my child stays? My well being? I am not dead… Mrs Raichand… Still alive. I have made promise TO my husband, not your son that I will do anything to keep my child safe. That’s a Promise. I won’t let my abhay’s soul in pain, I would rather see myself dead. So don’t you dare come in my path because this anger will burn everyone.’

Madhu did not say a single word more and walked off. She didn’t give RK a second look. Who are they to decide what he does. It just didn’t make any sense. As madhu and her daughter stepped in the house instantly she wanted to scream and run out. Abhay, presence of abhay was killing her within. She was dying for his smell she was dying for his one word, she was dying for his comfort hug… Those smile… Madhu instantly broke down. Unable to digest the fact she is alone. She and her Jearsy are all alone. There are no one to be here.. To love her… To endure her childish plead…

To endure those complaining tone. Madhu looked from one side to another, drinking her saliva, observing Roy and abhay’s photo. Each and every photo brought tears in her eyes and that tear only doubled as it flowed from her cheeks to the photo to another….

RK stood right behind her and trishna as Jearsy took madhu’s luggage and left it to the side.

‘madhu…’ Madhu instantly looked back, wondering who was it… For a moment observing RK’s face only reminded her of abhay, a sudden glow appeared on her face but that soon disappeared as she saw the clasping body of her husband and her son.

‘can I come in?’ Madhu nods vaguely, she had no complaint… With no one. That’s what she kept saying to herself. House was full of bouquets from relatives and neighbors… Showing their pain and sympathy for her and Jearsy. Madhu ignored all of the flowers as she walked in to the living room. Abhay’s jacket was lying there just the way she left them. She picked his jacket up and sat on the sofa, hugging it tight and instantly broke down.


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