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Some say love is a feeling of the deepest part of your heart that could never be explained with words… It’s your eyes that talks with emotion, with lust, with attraction, but what happens when this love only about mahsoos… Only about the Ehassa…

mahsoos part 82

She observed maan’s restless face. There was temptation of making love yet he was controlling.

She came by, softly placing her hand on his face. ‘it’s been two weeks!’ she slowly whispered… ‘and as we are free, baby is sleeping… Our little one to one time can be an opetion!’ she seductively spoke in maan’s ear.

Maan was frustrated enough and now this? She knew well he can’t control, she knew well that they are having arguments than why she was hell bent to make love? Does she realize… His love is a way of showing how much he loves her… It’s just not for pleasure! Maan did not like that thought at all. That thought not suppose to ring in his head. That thought not suppose to even knock on his door!

‘i am tired geet!’ maan slowly slipped down under the duvet and spines around facing his back on geet.

Geet confusingly stared at him! That wasn’t like maan. Her maan would have given in instantly, her maan would have enjoyed each and every touch from tip of her finger! That wasn’t her maan at all.

The night went by quietly. Her restlessness was completely visible in her sleep. Her thought kept ringing in, she thought everything was fine, she did her best, if mama does something odd how can she help.

‘couldn’t she refuge?’ maan told him self. When he refuged couldn’t she support? That was maan’s question. He never trusted anyone after his dad except geet. Than she couldn’t be more like his dad!

Geet stared at maan’s back in dark. Wondering where she went wrong. His silence was bothering her, why she couldn’t mahsoos what he really thought.

Geet slowly slides her hand on maan’s back, and than comes even closer to hug him.

‘maan…’ she slowly whispered. ‘I am confused! What do you want me to do?’

Maan didn’t reply to her question. He pretended to be sleep. Geet slowly sat up and looked over. Silly her! She was talking to he self.

Geet couldn’t even wake up properly when avantika walked in. The bed was empty and maan have long left. She wondered where.

As the morning turned in to afternoon, there was another buzz in the atmosphere as armaan’s parents rang for annys hand. She was delighted and geet knew well this news to maan would defiantly make him happy.

Anny in embarrassment walked in to her room. She called armaan fast to congratulate.

‘I just hard the news, how come you did not inform me before?’ geet smiled as she walked around the great hall. ‘we are eventually becoming relative!’

Armaan laughed on the other side. ‘but I have something very important to say geet and you have to help me!’ armaan’s laughter disappeared with little worry tone. ‘au, I did not mentioned to mum and dad that anny have no eye sight!’

Geet’s laughter instantly disappeared. ‘what?’
‘I was scared and I love anny to much! I- I can’t here a refusal from them!’
‘armaan this is ridicules! I remember how angry maan was! Please tell your parents otherwise if this…’ geet looked down from her staircase and to the all honesty the whole house was celebrating now how far can this go. It already is spreading!


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Mahsoos part 81

part 81

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Geet smiled and left the room in deep thought about how to make up with maan. He wasn’t willing to listen let alone have little sweet talk. She couldn’t even make up with kissing, knowing that will lead them to the bed! Geet instantly felt embarrassed, knowing maan, he loves taking time to cress each part of her body. She blocked the thought.

Geet walked in to the kitchen where other family member was busy either eating or preparing food with chef.

Avantika was no where to be seen, she questioned one of her aunty. ‘where is mum?’
‘I really don’t know beta. Last time I saw her with the baby…’

Geet pulled a face and walked out of the kitchen. Vicky walked in, with few shopping bags.

‘vicky!’ geet shouts across the hall. Wondering what was he holding.

‘what’s this?’
‘hi bhabi! Au… Mum told me to buy cloths for our new member! So!’

Vicky walked off. Geet pulled a face. She wanted to do that with maan. Maan would have loved that idea. Why no one would bother letting her know what’s going on with her own child?

Geets mind instantly went back to maan and he probably felt the same when she and other family member took his child way from him! ‘no! No! Maan won’t feel that bad!’ geet lied to her self. She was already worried enough about maan’s anger and now the feeling of the absence of there baby…

Geet hated the thought.

She went to avantika’s room, flowing vicky. Her baby was there, all showered, avantika was massaging him with baby oil. He could barely open his small eyes. It was perfect reflection of maan. He looked just to adorable. Oh how she wished maan could see him.

‘au mum… He might be hungry! It’s been about 1 hour!’ geet informed avantika.

‘I think you are right…’ avantika kissed the baby. ‘I have showered him, and messaged him. ‘it’s very important. I remember maan having the same dry skin!’

Avantika worriedly told geet. Geet nodes, picking her baby and walked back to her room, Wondering where maan was. She looked at the angel.. ‘now you will be with papa. He is really angry you know! Even angry with your mum!’ she could here maan in the study, busy with something.
‘baby and mama will go out with papa today! To do shopping of course! I will make sure papa have no money left at the end!’ geet pulled a face. He barely understood but, geet was busy looking at angry maan who was reading something. She came by and sat next to him, elbowing him.
‘baby wants to be in papa’s arm now!’

Maan completely ignored her.
‘baby is complaining! & complaining why mum and dad is not buying me new cloths!’

Baby instantly made little noise which did not fail to attract maan’s attention.

Maan was angry. Hell angry that how geet could do such thing. Why geet did not stop his mum to try keeping there baby way. But the little angel’s noise, he just couldn’t ignore as his ear flew open with his one little noise. The warmth of his new born baby was to close that he couldn’t ignore. This is his baby. He felt like an animal that with smell he could say this is his baby. He smiled within.

His pain and anger vanished instantly as the small little hand brushed against his painful bicep. Maan wanted to hold him instantly however he avoided. Knowing geet might mind as well.

‘baby is angry! Why papa is not taking him!’ he hard geets pleading voice and of-course her plead to make him feel better! How can he ignore that thought? Yet his other mind was still in dilemma that they doubt on him!

This doubt wasn’t the first time however there was different level of pain that he just couldn’t explain.

‘baby madly wants papa! Other wise baby will cry!’

Maan had little smile at the corner of his face which was he trying his best to hide. But by now geet probably have experienced the smile.

Geet came closer, almost putting baby on maan’s lap. He just couldn’t ignore at the end as he held his little angel, but that does not mean he is alright with geet! Her refusal and not supportive behavior have hurt maan immensely.

Geet circled her hand around maan’s back, resting her head on his shoulder. Maan did not react to her hug, he always loved her close proximity, and with each passing day, he loves her even more…

‘baby is wondering…’ geet took her hand an placed it maan’s chest… ‘wondering… Is papa still mad at mum?’
She pulled a face while looking at maan.
‘baby, please do inform mum, she will require to spend a lot of time to make dad happy again!’
Maan did not bother facing geet. He looked straight at the opposite wall… Creasing his baby…

… As the night fall, another few nights of restless sleep, and another few days of avantika being over protective which only made maan restless.

Geet crawled in to maan’s lap after placing there baby in the cot. ‘he is becoming used to it!’
‘why don’t you sleep, I will keep an eye on him!’
Geet smiled, kissing maan’s cheek. For past few nights he have been looking after there baby very well, however her heart was still doubting maan and she hated that idea. She couldn’t just remove that pointless thought and her other half was trying its best not to show her selfish self to him. She rests her head on maan’s chest as he embraced her in his hug.

‘au… It’s been two weeks now and we still don’t have a name for him!’ geet played with maan’s shirt button… Slowly unbuttons them and gently creasing his exposed chest with tip of her finger. Her one leg rested in-between his.
‘why don’t you ask mum? As she is doing everything!’ he annoyingly replied.
‘per… Baby is our na! So we have to decide his name…’

She observed maan’s restless face. There was temptation of making love yet he was controlling.

She came by, softly placing her hand on his face. ‘it’s been two weeks!’ she slowly whispered… ‘and as we are free, baby is sleeping… …..



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Mahsoos Part 80

mahsoos Part 80

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Maans heart did not feel happy, there was annoying restless, like he wanted to shout out something. He wanted to claim everything. Overall he was confused about how to take this frustration out. He quickly changed in to his trouser and went to his normal pushups. Maan was restless about his baby. He wanted to hold him, comfort him… Make geet realize that whatever her thought may be, it’s wrong. He can look after his son and his wife. There were no doubt in that. He trusted him self enough to trust him self with his son. Maan did not show any sign of stoping his push-ups. He had no track of time and wondered how many pushups have he done so far. 100… 200… 250… 300… Why there was no pain yet? His hand did not send out any distress signal! Why? Maan closed his dark eyes and continued with his pushups.

His mind some reason completely ignored who was around him, his mind even ignored the charming noise of geets anklets. His mind even ignored that his pain would heart geet beyond him.

‘maan… Maan! Maan!’ geet shouts over and over again, calling his name to forbid him to continue with his exercise.
Geet bends down to stop him from doing any more push ups.
‘maan, please stop it. You are hurting your self. Please maan!’
His body was crawling with sweat. While both hand showed clear sign of refusal of taking the pain any further.

Maan stops slowly and instantly leans back, than fell flat on his back, breathing rapidly.

‘what’s wrong with you?’ geet snaps at him.

He closed his eyes, in order to inhale much air as possible. She worriedly looked at his fuming chest.

‘maan! What is this? Don’t you feel the pain?, it looks so swore!’ she placed her hand over his bicep, the blood vassal underneath the skin was throbbing. She guessed instantly that his arm was in pain, yet why there was no discomfort displayed on his face.

‘maan… Are you ok?’ he did not reply. His heart was still busy to drive in much blood as possible from body and make its way to the lung.

‘why are you hurting your self?’ geet with little tear looked at him. She held his both cheek, bringing him close, ‘I am here. Face me and say why are you so careless about the pain your hand indicating to!’

Maan could feel her soft yet rapid sweet breath. She was fuming with anger, her heart was throbbing underneath…
Why wasn’t he comforting her?
‘it’s nothing! I am fine!’

Geet looked at his both frozen eyes, there were no reflection let alone a blink. She became used to it, however today those eyes looked like a stranger. She have lost the thought about complaining about her life since she fell in love with him. The word complain had no space in her love. In her life. Because she loves him immensely, thats why today her eyes wanted to complain? Why? Was it because maan’s frustration that no one believes that he can not look after his own child or the frustration that even his own wife thinks like that.

Life hasn’t been exactly a cup of tea for him, but giving your self such pain will prove nothing except hurting her.

‘you are hurting me maan. You are not hurting your self. Why wont you say what’s bothering you?

Maan ignored her question. His angry reaction did not go unnoticed by geet. She silently sat at the position she was in, observing maan as he stood up and walked off.

Geet in dilemma looked at his disappearing body. She came back to the bedroom, baby was still with avantika. The room looked reasonably clean. She wondered what to do to make maan feel comfortable again.

Geet walked out silently with a miserable face. Annys door was open, and in her surprise she was busy talking to armaan. She smiled.

‘bhabi!’ anny instantly spines around. Geet. Confusingly looks at her.
‘how did you know?’
‘your ankle bracket!’

Geet looks down on her feet. Maan’s present. She smiled and looked back at anny.
‘talking to armaan?’
Anny cuts the call instantly. ‘I will talk to him later. What’s wrong?’

‘au…’ geet bits her lips. Wondering how to start a conversation.
‘maan is mad at me!’ she walked in slowly, sitting at the edge of annys bed.
‘is it about our little angel?’
Geet nodes. ‘yes!… Au…’ she wasn’t sure how to explain.

‘you know, I am extremely carless, but bro is million times better than me!’

Geet observed anny for few minutes. She was right, god knows how many time she have encountered anny tripping, falling! But maan, he always have been active, he sees the world with closed eyes. What she was thinking about? How can she doubt on him?

‘I felt how family was behaving! I think it was unnecessary! I bet dad is fuming at the moment! Specially at mum!’

Geet instantly understood the arguments that mum and dad were having about. Geet felt more guilty knowing, if she spoke out that no, maan is fine… No one would have bothered thinking about this situation twice! Uff…

Geet bit her lips… In wonder how to fix this problem. She thought about shopping, shopping was the best idea to start with & in this way maan will also feel connected with there baby.

‘how is your health bhabi?’

‘healing!’ she smiled.
‘and how is our little angel? I already made list of name!’ she smiled.
‘you chose one and than I will let maan know!’


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