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This is a story about a odd couple who met by luck. Asad Khan, who will Negotiate his love and compare with his class.

Zoya Faruki, who’s aim is to negotiate her life for the one she Love…

Negotiation is a classic tale about two person’s love that never meant to be yet there is love. it’s based on slavery of those Indian women who is sold in market at a negotiation price, but one man, name Asad khan, who happens to fall for the wrong girl at the Wrong time…

come and join me to find how Asad saves his love & he ends up Negotiating at the same time.
suppressed between love, dilemma and dignity… how will they win?

~Negotiation~ Chapter 1

Chapter 1
The strong hand slowly slipped around Zoyas palm. Supporting, comforting. An unconditional fear lingered around her innocent face yet she kept her self-strong. Tight. The crowed had smile, glare, a look to tear her apart. They gave out a lustful look like she was a no good from the road, the oblivion hunger of their body. It feared her soul. Unknowingly she found this strangers firm holds her home. She wanted to stay away from him to but right at those moments, his hand felt the safest place. Her unconscious body pushed her close to him. Safe.

‘You will be fine. We will be out of here soon. Were my jacket.’ he spoke in soothing manner yet there was little tense in air. The voice was deep dark. He looked at her now and then between his words while scanning the whole area.
He stood there for little while, taking the black long waist coat, putting around her barely wearable dress. She firmly holds it close, promising not to let go. It secured the little she has to hide. It protected her innocent.

The man swiftly glides his hand over the palm of her. A promising hold instantly brought zoya even closer. He leaned forward with her, pushing the crowed to make little safe gap for them to escape. The brutal push of the dark clouds of crowed can only makes this push wars, yet he held her close. It was almost like a commitment.

The crowed were suffocating for zoya. But soon that suffocation disappeared as they managed to breathe in the cold dirty air of those no good men smoking cigar. They stopped in front of a black AUDI and without a second thought the man rushed opened his door, requesting with his eyes to enter the car.

Zoya did not wait for any second request, more than him, she her shelf wanted to escape this obnoxious place. The man banged shut the door as zoya sat in.

Zoyas eyes observed the dark cloudy market, few girls crying while the men dragged them out with roughness. Her heart throbbed for them. Her heart cried for them. She is helpless. She requires helping her self before she can help them, Zoya slowly spines her head by hearing her savior coming in to the car. He pressed on the clutch then quickly on the gas paddle, changing the gear ever so fast without any delay and they left.

That place suffocated his last breath. For a brief moment he didn’t doubt the feeling that he could have murdered each and every men in that slavery quarter. Abusing those innocent girl, buying them for their personal use, just like his business partner was, for his farm house. He knew well, first thing next morning this business deal will be canceled.

He didn’t look at the girl twice. He felt the sympathy, a helpless virgin girl pleading with eyes to be free. If this 1 million dollar saves this girl’s life, then be it.
“What’s your name?”
A rough deep voice reached her cold ears.
“How have you managed to come here?”
“m-my-my uncle have sold me”
She burst out in tears, her small heart couldn’t digest what a horrible hell she just came out of.
“How old are you?”
Asad closed his eyes with frustration. He wanted to go back there and burn that place down, kill those men on the spot.

They drove with zoyas silent tear for more than 4 hours than eventually arrived in to his massive mansion… Khan mansion.

Throughout the journey, there were few thoughts were bothering her. Firstly the fear of how she escaped being someone personal use, the memory of the place only brought shiver from bottom of her feet to her head and then the big question, wasn’t she just been brought by this man?

Zoya’s eyes widen, feeling the thumping heart. “She was another slave for this man!” a disgust look took over her face. Who would save a girl like her with nothing in return? Her innocent!

Asad walked out of the car and slowly with a tense look walked around to open the door for zoya to get out. His eyes looked at her once, than twice, but that was it. Without another word he walked up along the stair to a big golden gate.
Zoya fearfully flowed. The cold wind was humming along the Chile night and her feet thought about running for escape. She looked around for a while, anticipating, tolerating with her inner torment of what lies ahed behind the wooden door, maybe a faith that she can’t control or a faith that pushing her to take the risk.
Shiver from the tip of her toe to the nose warned her to take the escape. Looking at the guard gave her another hint, it’s too late. She should have jumped when there was time, now she is in a maze of this Asad. The pupil dilated in fear and her breathing became heavy without any warning.

The door opened with an unusual noise which should fear her to death but instead a normal middle age face appeared. A lady. She wore White top to bottom, even at this age looking stunning. Her jewelry simmered with the little light from the side and a glow of seeing this man, maybe my savior or the murderer.

“Took you long? It’s very late Asad” the lady spoke with a smile. She may be old, aged but her gaze very sharp indeed. It caught the small girl hiding behind the strong big man, holding the waist coat to protect the little she has. Her eyes questioned without any delay. She did not have any doubt on her son but still no harm in asking.

“She will work for living!” Asad answered his mother before she could even ask.
“Where have you found her?”
One word was enough for this lady to understand his son situation. She didn’t mind, but also the girl’s eyes had the innocent, the fear. She was sure this girl could find some sort of happiness in the big mansion.
“Come in beta” an invitation, a warm welcome engulfed her with happiness. The thud noises of that rapid heart of Zoya showed some sign of calmness, yet not exactly relax either. Waiting to discover what lies ahead.
She took her long chubby hand and slumbered around her back, coming around to the other side. Assuring that this house will be filled with happiness.
“What’s your name beta?”

Asads ear caught the fighting voice right behind him. They flowed like he was some sort of protector. A question arisen with the lightness of the room, what can he do to help those others? He felt helpless and her twinkled eyes begged to be saved. He felt it was his duty to be there, right on that moment, otherwise only allah would have known what could have happened.

“she is called Zoya, maybe one of the guest room or servant quarter for the night until we fix something for her to do around the house.”
Asad suggested. His broken chick showed no sign of smile, not even a glow of smirk, a still face with hard brick words. No honey or sweetness in those lips. It reflected his mirror image, maybe that’s what’s underneath him, maybe that’s what he is. Maybe that’s why he had that gut to save this girl from a crowed of despicable men who was ready to torn her down. Ashamed, they should be ashamed of them self.

“How old are you beta?”
Asad again answered for her. He could understand the circumstances she probably is in. A fear was visible, can she take them as safe as maybe once her parents were!
Zoya removed those burning gaze of this Asad. He stood 2 feet way yet the heat was enough to fear her from that shaky ground. Her body felt threaten by the ashamed glare, yet maybe it was just her illusion of the shock she is in.

“Oh my, you are very young.”
“She is!”

Was he ashamed of telling where he has brought her from? It wouldn’t be a surprise, by his look, by his clothing, the expensive material that lay in middle of the house with bravery glow, pride, it reflects their personality and what a prestigious family they belong to.
“Did you eat anything sweetie?”
A kind worry voice made the girls heart light. She indeed was hungry, the tummy growled like a wild wolf, surveying on only water for past 2 days wouldn’t surprise if they gave her plateful of anything, and she would eat it happily.
“We need some cloths for her”
“I- I will bring some tomatoes’ cloths. She is very small compare to her size, but I am pretty sure it will be fine for now”
“yes ma”

The lady Scots her along the golden stair, breathtaking beauty with accurate design.

Zoyas mind wasn’t paying much attention with the beauty; she was rather in deep thought about this fairy land. Zoya have grown up with negotiation since childhood, if you want something there are always prize to pay. Her small mind still fumbled around the slavery business, the place this man have brought her from, giving in the last wealth she posed. The safe place she thought it would have safe to hold this strangers hand. What she was thinking? She has dug a death hollow and playing with poison. Buying her with million, he wouldn’t let go this easily. Life is a gamble of negotiation…

“Why don’t you have a shower and dress, my other daughter is not home tonight, have gone to picnic with her friends. I will give you some of her old cloths”
Her warm smile felt like her aunties comfortable, protected arm. She was soft, with sweetness filled with aroma. While, that man below only reminded her of the unwanted night he may have brought her for.

The lady locked the door leaving her in a room, which belongs to a princess. She blinked, no greedy, no needy, if someone lovingly tells her to sleep on the floor, she will happily accept.
Zoya walked towards few door build in the wall across the bed. Each door covered with gold plated mirror and on the edge some writhing, not Hindi, she have studied up to year 6, maybe English. Her shivering hand hesitated to touch, to hold the big golden Handel with a muddy hand. Before opening she wiped with her cloths until it looked enough clean not to leave a mark.
Her hand approach and took the first cloths that was available and turned around to look at the door that laid open and leads to the bathroom.

She observed every twisted button, the long thin oval object with little hole, laid above. It trailed little line along side of the wall again, another button.

Asad waited outside patiently, it’s having been over an hour, he has no intention to see this girl again, but he rather assures that this is the safest environment that she could never dream off.

A click open the door Handel, he observed the milky leg that stepped out slowly. His sister yellow dress fits this young girl better.
The rough Asad have no Time to waste on his sister clothing, or how exactly it matched the milky skin of this girl.
“Flow me”
Zoyas feat threaten her to take a single step, her heart mumbled with an aloof thought, where exactly was he taking her. He won’t be able to get what he wants without a fight.

They stepped out of the wooden door that was the entrance few minute back.
‘What do you want?’ Zoya didn’t hesitate to ask the question.



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