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Repulsive part 17

‘how was that?’
‘just Suparb!’ Geet giggled… She spines around under him, kissing his neck uncontrollable… They never lasted this long… And Geet was loving it… Enjoying every Second.
There heavy panting slowed down as they slowly drifted off to sleep.

Geet found her self Completely naked and two condom in the bin. She wondered what the servant would think, she hurriedly covered  it with some tissue papers… She came back to the bed… In Maan’s arm. He had Extremely warm body… Geet could just stay there forever…

‘what work do you do Maan?’
‘hmm… You asking me after a year?’ Geet nodes as she pulled her body up leaning on his hand. A perfect view to her Brest. Maan brought his hand slowly touched the nipple,it was to sensitive from his sucking!.. So he squared them instead…

Geet smiles and came even closer to make it easy for him…

‘I have variety of business! I took over from dad, and I have few other share!’
‘so you are like a business man!?’ geet confusingly looked at his eyes… Wondering what type of person he truly was outside of there private moments…..

Maan nearly chuckled! As he looked at her!
‘Geet…’ he spoke in very strange manner… ‘do you know who is your husband?’
Geet looked here and there, wondering have she asked anything wrong!
‘yea! Maan Khurana!’ Geet bite her lips. Maan brought her close with a gentle kiss… Then picked her up naked. Geet quickly took the spread and covered her body. There room lead to another room a private entertaining room…
‘I will show you one of my company!’
‘your company on video?’
Geet pulled her eye brow up!
‘i guess it is…!’

Geet shockingly looked at him as he took her and placed her on the sofa, turning the projector on! He only showed few clips and Geet just looked at him!

Was it any good?’
‘that was awful!’
‘Excuse me!’ Maan found her words rather offending!

‘I can’t believe my husband is some business tycoon!’ she stood up and moaned and walked out of the room! ‘I can’t stand politics let alone watch them on news! & I am a doctor! Junior doctor and my husband is some famouse.. God knows what! No wonder you look good!’

Maan laughed at the background as she complained.

‘I refuge to tell that to my friends!… They boast so much and how will I boast? That my husband is some business man… Who is not cleaver like me! Who is probably on hot young business magazine ?!’

Geet couldn’t digest the fact she married some one who is not from her proffesion! Oh god! ‘he is an…………!’

‘and CEO of some big brand company whose bag you may use!’
‘what like those characterless CEO…?’
Maan instantly got angry and brought her close…
‘you look to sexy when you are angry-So don’t!’ geet screamed on his face and pushed him way while locking the door of the bathroom on his face.

After 30 minute… When maan knew geet’s anger have calmed down, he decided to walk in to the bath…

Geet was in the bath when Maan walked in. Surprising Geet… She learned forward resting her chin on the white corner…

‘so how famous are you Mr Maan Khurana?’ she smiled… Maan took all his cloths off and joined Geet… She rested her self over his chest and slowly rubbed her hand…

‘I have never touched anyone except you!’ Geet instantly looked up with a trust she never had in anyone… That’s because I love you…’

‘whatever I am.. I am all yours!’

Geet instantly came close, holding him tighter… Understanding what exactly he meant!

‘but don’t the media industry lyes a lot!’
She teased while her hand covered his face with soap…

‘it’s up to you to believe me!’ Geet smiled and Maan knew well, that she still have no faith in him… Maybe that’s why he never told her anything! But she never asked.


Maan’s prospective…

No matter how much he tries, he just couldn’t stay way from Geet. He didn’t like work… Or anything in matter of fact without her. He just wanted to be with her!

It’s only been months! & he knows how he have spend last year without her, & after two month she will be gone again! What a odd relationship they had! Every moment he looked at the clock, he looked at the date, and he waited for her holiday. He have earned enough, he is multi millionaire. It’s time for him to stop… And let other have there fare share…,

Maan decided to move to England with Geet. He couldn’t stand a second way now… He knew how much she loves him but yet to confuse… He was there, in that party of ashad, one of his best friend and joya, who happens to be Geets friend! But one thing she forgot… She really did see him, but mistaken him with that roy! And gosh he hates him for touching his wife… And funny… Zara thought it was roy who who she made out!


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Repulsive part 16

Geet points at the draw… Now who knew joyas gift would come handy today. Maan opens the bottom cupboard… Finding a pink packet… It was still wrapped in gift pack…

They both hurriedly opened the box together and Maan took one condom out and To slide up.
Geet instantly shirked… It has been 6 months since he touched her….. Geet snapped.. As the head entered slowly. She was wet, and it was easy for Maan to slide in. Geet laid back on the bed as he increased his thrush. There heavy breath with moan of pleasure rang the room now and than.
Geets hand were held above her head by Maan’s hand and within matter of second his long manhood was thrashing her inside out. Geet couldn’t stop moaning as each thrush penetrated her soul…

She screamed in pleasure… And Maan’s voice added extra sound, vibrating the whole room with noise… Calling one another’s name…

The goal of each thrush was simple. It’s only pleasure, and his each thrush was only bringing pleasure. Near the climax, he was moving in and out ever so fast that there body started to sweat even in presence of cool air… The body mingled like never before and the orgasm hit Geet before Maan. He came few second after, bursting inside Geet for the first time…

He landed back on top of her with heavy breath… Kissing her wet neck…
‘oh Maan!’ Geet mumbled in between her breath…
Maan came by kissing her cheek than lips…
‘that was amazing!’
They both kissed before Maan removing the condom and throwing it in the bin. He couldn’t speak about his pleasure… It was to much to control and the orgasm ran through there vain… Making them inside out.
Geet crawled in to his arm… Kissing his chest lightly before drifting off to sleep…


Next morning Maan had to leave early, as he had early meeting with someone! He woke up and kissed Geets cheek.
‘where are you going?
‘I have a meeting! will be back within few hours!’ he kissed her forehead and disappeared…
Geet watched him as he walked out of the shower and got changed in clothes that she brought. A instant smile formed on her face…

Geet woke up after, she stood up naked and looked at her self… Embarrassed… ‘gosh it was so unexpected!’ geet smiled as she took a warm bath. Geet walked out with a towel wrapped around her and she couldn’t even guess that two hours have flew by! Because Maan was back! He walked in, finding his wife only covered in towel and the smell of rose… He lost him self instantly and was planning to spend all his time until Monday on the bed!

Geet sye and looked down… He came close, taking one after another of his cloths off.

He picked her up and carried her to the bed.
‘was last night to much?’ Geet nodes a no!…
‘oh… Shall I make an appointment for pill?’ Geet syed and started to hide her face on his chest…
‘haven’t you yet?’
Maan confusingly looked at Geet… ‘I think you should!’ he slowly slipped his tongue in her mouth, than took the towel off.
There leg criss crossed… And his hand without any question started to stroke each part of the body. He have missed her so much. A whole year have gone by and they only found love in there relationship…

For past few days before leaving for India, Maan couldn’t think a single second that they left there bed for. Geet was tired and so was he, neither wanted to go to India, but they have to… At least for a week or 2!

Geet made her self comfortable and this time she truly wanted to ignore Naintara. Because for past week, Maan have been with her from sun set to sun rise and no girl have bothered them and nor anyone els! If he truly had anyone in his life than someone would have disturbed them… But that girl could have been like her… Who believes in leave me alone feeling! Or she was just some worker!….

Geet bite her lips as she took her pill. What’s truth and what’s lye. She opened one of the draw to place her pill and somehow her eyes fell on couple of tickets! She took them out… One named after her and another Maan! She confusingly looked at them. It looked old!

Meantime Maan walked in…
‘ticket?’ Geet pulled them out… Even Maan have forgotten about them. It’s over 6 months old.
‘oh… Umm last time you came! You wanted to go somewhere right!’
Geet nodes confusingly.
‘an I had to leave for London in hurry for two days. One of my show had urgent call and I had to select few model! And I brought them from that venue! But by the time I came back you left!’

Geet bite her tongue instantly, and she knew straight way that devil Naintara misunderstood and made her misunderstood as well.

‘I am sorry! Au!’ now she couldn’t say real reason for leaving at all. ‘I had to…!’

‘yes! Mum did say… Your exam result!’ maan smiled
Geet nodes sadly. Stupid Naintara… She missed her vacation! She basically missed 6 months with him….


Both were in bed making love by midnight. Geet was riding on him like a horse while Maan rested on the bed… He couldn’t say a single night that they didn’t make love since Geet broke off from uni… And he was regretting every second that what they have done for past years… But … She makes him as thirsty as she did at there first night.

And for geet, she purely wanted to love him.. And give him pleasure… That was her aim. Specially after how she muddled up there last holiday… She couldn’t believe that she suspected him… However why would Naintara say such words? But isn’t questioning her self was same as doubting Maan?

She still didn’t know much about him except every part of his body… Geet swapped hand and rested one hand on his chest and another on his thigh, as she pushed up and down. Her sensitive parts were becoming more sensitive… And just within week she realizes how much they were longing for one another. Maan wasn’t willing to let her go even for a second… If he could.. He would make her stay in bed … Forever…
Geet moaned with Maan…
‘oh this is amazing…’
They spoke between there breath. The background were playing a erotic music to add little more passions…
After 10 minutes of making non-stop love… Maan offered it different style… Geet spines around,
holding the bar of there bed while he penetrates her from the back, his hand came around slowly,
stroking her sensitive part and there rythem started again, but this time harder and faster and Geet couldn’t control except moaning with his each thrush until Maan exploded inside Geet. Both hitting there orgasm at the same time. Both landed on the bed, one top of another…


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repulsive part 15

It’s been over 6 months… And she can’t even remember his face… Her body stood there staining at him for few minutes… Should she be happy or upset that he actually came to pick her up!

‘can I come in?’ maan slowly questioned her confusing face. He almost had this feeling of her not wanting him to be here!
Geet looked up at him… Still not understanding what he meant!
‘can I?’

‘yea! Yea!’ she mumbled and looked down in embarrassment! ‘sorry!’

This was the first time they were together in this house. Actually his first time.

‘au… I didn’t realize you are-coming! To- pick me up!’
‘I was here for a business meeting! So thought… Why not! But I have little work to do! Umm… We have to leave next Monday!’

‘next monday?’
‘are there any problem?’
Geet nodes a yes… Than quickly a no
‘why don’t you fresh up… I will- cook- dinner- for us!’

As Geet excaped his eyes she ran to the kitchen fast as possible. The reason she did not wanted to go there, is here… Now why she shouldn’t go?

Geet pulled a face as she took raw chicken and vegetable out of the fridge. Cursing her self as she chopped the vindi!

Maan walked in to there room, knowing well Geet have brought cloths for him. He slides open the cupboard, to find more cloths than he saw it before. He wondered did she realize when he took few shirts last time!
He was here, for two days… For his business meeting and thought to visit the house… But in his surprise and in his luck… It was empty!

As Maan took shower, and than walked out in his Tracy… Geet walked in. Seeing his bare back, she instantly spines around. ‘au dinner is ready!’

Maan smiled at her and  slowly walks towards her, sliding his hand over her stomach. She did not were traditional Indian cloths, instead it was short and a thin layer of top. Perfect for them in a empty house. Geet hasited as her bare back touched his wet chest.
He came down and than slowly placed his red lips against her warm cheek… ‘I missed you!’
Geet froze and she lost her self Completely with those words. For past 6 months no matter how much she tried to forget him… Ignore him… If she didn’t talk about him 5 times a day her food wouldn’t have been digested.
She spines her self around instantly and Hughes him time. completely forgetting what happen 6 months back. How angry she was. His cold skin was sending shiver down her body… And he instantly picked her up taking her to the bed. He bends over kissing her lips with each thrush of his face.. It tasted absolutely amazing. Geet could feel how his touch still the same. It was there second night all over again. Her leg automatically spreads to let him sit between them.

He pulled her top up, while Geet puts her hand up to make it easy for him to take it off. He pulled her bra strap down than the cup to expose her Brest… He instantly bends down to suck them… Pushing them together… The buds instantly hardened for his mouth…

Than suddenly kitchen pressure cooker brought both back to sense! Maan came back to her lips, gently placing a kiss… Than moved way for Geet to sit up. She embarrassingly looked for something to put on top of her… She tried to pull up the bra but Maan took the hook off and the whole thing fell down. She turned around to give his smirking face a annoying look and took his shirt instead of hers. Geet quickly popped it on without bra and ran out.

Maan just flowed.
‘are there anyone in the house?’
‘Geet nodes a no… ‘Zara’s parents came to pick her up… Just before you came!’
‘home alone!’
He looked around the kitchen and than sat with Geet on the dining table. Maan never tasted Geets cooking… He happened to realize, after nearly a year! So he was looking forward to it…
Geet could barely look up at his bare body, which clearly indicates he works out and every time she thought of him her buds grew harder under his shirt! As they ate in silent… His hand were mostly in-between her thigh or on them… Gently messaging them and she knew well what they are about to do for next three months! Actually starting from now…

‘nice cook!’
This was the first time someone gave geet a complement… Was he sure about this?
‘are you sure?’
Geet crossed her leg by putting one thigh over another, locking his hand between them.
‘because this is the first time someone complemented me! Most of the time all my friends say its rubbish!’ she lazily spoke while spinning her fork in mid air with a concern look at her plate.
‘do you like it?’ mann’s eye looked up with his head deeped down towards the plate.
‘umm… Yes…’
‘than so do I!’

Geet looked at him as they finished… But before she could even clean up… Maan picked her up and they walked in to there bedroom once more. It was nearly evening… Nearly dark… Maan turned the light off and than slowly started to unbutton her shirt. Geet laid there silently with heavy breath. Wondered how to react… He was Extremely hard, and she could feel them over her shorts!
He pulled her short and than her panties… It was lost somewhere on the bed. He than pulled his pants and boxers… His hard long manhood flew open over her opening… He slowly bend over to kiss her… And mumbled ‘do we have condom?’
Geet nodes a no… As she spines her hand around his neck. Bringing him closer… Kissing his lips…
‘where are those?’
‘those what?’
‘one Naintara-bhabi gave it to you?’
Geet laughed, remembering them. It was actually a packet full…
‘they are back home! India!’
‘very bad!’
‘I have another gift! From my friend! That I didn’t open!’ she giggled…
Geet points at the draw… Now who knew joyas gift would come handy today. Maan opens the bottom cupboard… Finding a pink packet… It was still wrapped in gift pack…


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